Friday, July 1, 2016

Challenge time!

Well, I got motivated from someone in my lap band Facebook group and decided to do a challenge.

This is going to be very hard for me because I have a weakness for chocolate. I literally eat it almost every day. It's everywhere at work. I crave it. It's a serious addiction for me. I really want to take my lifestyle change seriously though so I thought this would be a good kick-start of getting some of the bad stuff out of my life!

I am including crackers in with chips. Potatoes are going to be WHITE potatoes only. Healthy versions of these foods are okay. Juice from a juicer is also okay. Otherwise, I'm sticking to this list.

I've created a Facebook group that some of my friends joined and we are all going to do this together! I'm really excited for the motivation and accountability of having a group of people doing this with me. It's not just my regular Facebook friends either; I also invited the girls in my "get healthy" mom group as well! I have a whopping 15 people in my group as of now. We are going to post before and after pics, pics of food, recipe and snack ideas... So exciting!

I am allowing a 'free day' for the 4th of July and some people aren't even going to start until July 5 and that's cool too. I'm hoping to make it through the weekend and maybe the 4th without cheating at all. It's going to be hard though because I've also just started my first period after having the baby almost 9 months ago.

Time to go weigh-in for day 1!

Wish me luck!

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