Monday, April 22, 2013

Full term and feeling...pregnant!

Hello friends!

Well, as of today I am 37 weeks 4 days pregnant. I am officially 'full-term' which basically means, if I go into labor now, my baby is considered able to survive outside the womb and the doctors will not try to stop it! It's exciting to think I'm finally in the final leg my pregnancy, but I'm trying to not get my hopes up too much since I very well may go over my due date by up to 2 weeks! The baby is growing normally, moving what feels like constantly, and is head-down and seems to be staying that way! (This is a good thing. It means he's ready to come out...eventually!)

I talked my midwife about this (going over my due date) already. She said they will start doing NST (fetal non-stress tests) on the baby about 10 days after my due date just to make sure he is doing okay in there and to make sure I am not losing any fluid. They don't induce until 2 weeks after the due date unless issues arise. I'm very glad of this since I want as natural of a birth of possible and being induced is NO JOKE. I won't get on my soapbox here about all that, but needless to say, I'd like to avoid it at all costs.

Just last week started my every week midwife appointments. They are pretty standard now-a-days. Weight, blood pressure, ask me how I'm feeling/if anything weird is going on, measure stomach (I'm currently measuring 39 weeks - 2 weeks ahead! They don't seem to be concerned though.), check baby's heart rate, and answer any of my questions. This week, I will be taking in my birth plan for my midwife to review. Thankfully, I have a midwife/doctor's office that is pro-natural birth and pro-birth plans. So far, everything is going great in terms of these appointments! We did make one trip to labor and delivery for a scary moment a couple months ago... long story short, it was really bad gas. Don't judge me! That stuff hurts. Constipation is totally different when you are pregnant compared to not pregnant! We got to see the Labor and Delivery floor a whole 2 days before our planned hospital tour though! (The hospital tour was alright. Nothing we didn't already know about, but good to attend, nonetheless.)

Let's move onto what I'm going to call "complainers corner"... Cons to being 37 weeks pregnant: My groin is still messed up and probably will not heal until after I have the baby. I've also been told it could be a muscle pull of another kind or possibly the baby is on a nerve. Also, my body is preparing for labor and delivery by loosening up all of my joints. ALL OF MY JOINTS. Not only are my hips spreading and sore and making me waddle, but my wrists and knuckles are also sore feel puffy with fluid. This is normal in pregnancy, as is pregnancy carpal tunnel. I already had the beginnings of it anyway, so really it just makes my wrists hurt a little more. I take Tylenol when it gets really annoying. Speaking of puffy, now that it's flip-flop weather and I can wear them to work, my feet and ankles have gotten the opportunity to puff up to hobbit-sized. I. Hate. Puffy. Feet. I have a thing about feet anyway and when mine are all freakishly fat/puffy looking - it makes me very self-conscious! The left side usually swells up worse than the right and sometimes swells up enough to hurt. Not. Fun. Some nights I have to sleep with my feet elevated. All. Night. Oh and let's talk about sleep shall we? Or lack of, I should say. I sleep sitting up every night now. I have pillows under my thighs to support my legs and hips and I basically sleep at a 45 degree angle. Once that gets uncomfortable, I lay on my left side for a couple hours - but only a couple! Because laying on my side, with a pillow under my stomach and 2 between my legs, still makes my groin just ache. Then, when I get up to pee, I'm all stiff and wobbly. Needless to say, sleep isn't so fun for me right now. I also get winded when I talk too much and can only go out and about in terms of walking around a store for about an hour or 2 before I'm so exhausted I can't even think. Am I ready to have this baby? TOTALLY. But I'm trying to just assume I'm going to go over my due date, so I'm not super mad when I do actually go over.

On the weight front, I have gained 55 lbs total since becoming pregnant. I'm not really thrilled about this, but I am accepting it for what it is. I'm going to gain 1-2 lbs every week, at least, for the rest of this pregnancy. Thankfully, most people are telling me it's 'all baby'. (aka, wow you don't look that fat in the face!) Here's hoping he weighs about 45 pounds! I am very ready to have my body back. Before, I was having those skin crawling feelings, and then they let up for a while. I still get them from time to time, but really, I'm just ready to feel normal again. I'm ready for people to not immediately look at my stomach when I walk into a room. Thankfully, I haven't had any crazy people try to touch my stomach or ask any inappropriate questions. The attention I have gotten has all been positive and Chris has done a great job of casually mentioning it where ever we go so people KNOW I am pregnant and not just fat (although, at this point in my pregnancy it's pretty obvious), but I am still just very ready to feel normal again. I want to wear my jeans and t-shirts again! I haven't worn jeans since probably January. If you know me, you will realize how weird that is because I ALWAYS wear jeans. I feel weird when I'm NOT in jeans. I've been wearing black sweat pants or black leggings basically all year. Since I'm wearing sweat pants in public (something I swore I would never do), I refuse to wear them with t-shirts... I have no desire to look like I left the house in my pajamas. Another pet peeve of mine.

Like most pregnant women, I'm a little concerned about what my body is going to look like post-baby. I know it will not be pretty for a while. I know I will have to work at it again and give it time for my skin to go back to where it was - even though it wasn't even where it needed to be before I got pregnant. I'm going to try my best to just be accepting of whatever my body does and try my best to help it get to a place I am comfortable with. Not happy (because that will probably never happen), but comfortable. I was VERY close to being comfortable with my body before getting pregnant. Now, I will have to get used to an entirely new body...all over again. Blech! Such a daunting task... But again, I am going to try my best to stay positive and not let my body image issues get in the way of enjoying my new life with my new baby. I also intend to continue seeing my counselor for as long as they will let me! I really like her, we get along great, and she has a lot of good incite.

Oh! Total subject change - I've had 2 of my 3 baby showers! My first one (on April 7), put on by my mother-in-law, was great! It was nice and small (about 6 people but they brought gifts from some other people as well) and a great first baby shower! I helped set up the decorations and I fit into my $6 spring dress from Goodwill that I bought last winter! The weather was gorgeous (which, if you know anything about Indiana, you will know that April is pretty much a toss up EVERY DAY). We got a TON of clothes and some other awesome goodies that will come in handy! Oh, and there was some pretty good food. But it's hard for me to find something I DON'T like right now...hence the part of the gaining 55 lbs thing. I thought I night be a little uncomfortable being the center of attention, but it wasn't so bad! I knew everyone there already, so that helped. My second baby shower - aka THE BIG ONE - was just last Saturday. We invited almost 70 people and about 40 showed up. It was a good-sized party, to say the least! I didn't help set this one up since I get tired just from talking now, but my sister, my mom, my aunt, a couple of my friends, and my mother-in-law pitched in and got it set up great in no-time! This party was as exhausting as I thought it would be. Opening presents took about an hour just in itself! We got a TON of great gifts, which we are very thankful for! Sadly, Chris had to work and only go to attend the last half of the shower (the gifts part), but I'm really glad he go to at least be there and see all of our friends and my family. It was a success and I'm looking forward to my 3rd and final baby shower, put on my by ex-step-mother-in-law (that's not confusing!), this coming Saturday...assuming I make it that long!

So, that's my last month and half in a nutshell. How are you? Pic update below! My 37 week picture is me in my PJs, so you don't get that one. Not much has changed since then anyway!

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