Sunday, March 10, 2013

31 weeks and exhausted...

Hello there friends! My, February went by fast didn't it? Let's recap it, shall we?

In the beginning of February, my Dad and Step-Mom came up from Bloomington. We had breakfast together and they took me (Chris had to work) to buy us a baby bed! It's a pretty awesome most new cribs these days, it is made to convert from a crib, to a toddler bed, and then to a twin bed over the years! So glad they came up with this...what a great idea! We had a lovely time and my Dad set the bed up like a pro. I just found out my mom is getting us our travel system too! These are our 2 biggest ticket items and they have been taken care of and I'm sooo thankful! I love my parents! All 3 of them :)

The following week, I had a midwife appointment. It was my 3rd trimester appointment (28 weeks)! That appointment started my 'appointments every 2 weeks' schedule. Once I get to 36 weeks, I will be going once a week until I have the baby. The appointment went well...I got weighed, had my blood pressure taken, and had my last glucose test! They had me drink that nasty, super sweet, flat sprite-like drink and took my blood before we left (which I passed, like a boss. Take that people who assume all fat girls have health problems while they are pregnant!). She also measured my belly, which is growing right on schedule, and we listened to the heartbeat! That's always fun of course...and Chris still giggles when he hears it. (Adorable!) My midwife also answered all my questions and was not in any hurry whatsoever. That is one of the reasons I chose a midwife! They have time to listen and care. My next midwife appointment 2 weeks later was pretty much the same as this one. Check vitals, check baby, measure stomach, ask questions, see ya next time! (Just the way I like it.)

Also last month, we had our final research study appointment! I gave blood and did swabs and answered questions as usual. Then we got a 4D ultrasound! We were in there with the tech for a good 30 minutes. Laying in the ultrasound chair thingy that long was horrible! It got surprisingly uncomfortable. We did get to see our baby though and that was pretty awesome. She kept trying to get a good profile and shot of his face but the ENTIRE time we were in there, he had his foot up by face and mouth! He was literally bent in half the whole time...silly guy! Pics are below! After the appointment we got our free car seat and went on our way!

The rest of February was pretty normal. I've been working what seems like constantly but unintentionally slacking off my typing from home work. I can't seem to get enough sleep after hitting 29 weeks. I am constantly exhausted! Chris has been busy with school and working overnights on the weekends. I cannot tell you how much I hate him working on the weekends! We barely see each other any more and it's pretty sad, especially for me right now (pregnancy hormones!). Once the baby is here and I go back to work, Chris will probably quit his part time job and stay home with the baby. Hopefully, he will be able to take night classes so we don't have to pay for childcare....ugh paying for childcare. I'm going to try my best to NOT have to do this!

Aside from working and Chris going to school, we are still doing our baby classes as well. Next week will be our last class! We are both feeling much more prepared for our planned natural water birth but we will be going to a couple of classes again on our teacher's next go-round. We missed week 3 and Chris missed week 5 due to a migraine, so we are going to go to those once her new set of classes comes around. She said we can go to all of them again up until we have the baby if we want to! We will be packing our hospital bag this week too....It's pretty crazy to even think we are close enough that we can do that! My list is a bit longer than I was hoping, but I figure I will weed stuff out as I pack if I need to...or if I can. Oh, also this coming week I'm going to make some appointments to meet some pediatricians...Don't get me started on that mess! This month is going to be a lot busier than will the rest of my life, I imagine.

Lap Band wise and weight-wise things are going good. I'm up about 43 lbs total since getting pregnant. It has slowed quite a bit and I've been around this weight give or take 2-4 lbs for a while. Since my last 2 week appointment I've only gained 1.5 lbs. My appetite has noticeably increased, however. It's getting a little nuts! I am generally hungry every 2 hours unless I have a really big meal and then I'm stuffed and miserable for about 2-3 hours and then I'm hungry about an hour later. Super fun, I know. I'm also still counting my calories even though they are pretty much always over my goal of 1800. It's the thought that counts right? I've been logging in to My Fitness Pal for over 485 days in a row and I don't intend to stop any time soon!

Mentally, I still have my crazy moments. My counselor is helping a lot when I get to see her. I try to go every other week but right now it's working out as every 3-4 weeks due to both of our schedules. It does make me a bit concerned from time to time, what random or insignificant things can bug me or upset me. I don't want to be medicated while I'm pregnant...or at all really, but my crazy isn't getting any better and it hasn't throughout my whole pregnancy. Because of this, I plan on getting my placenta freeze dried and encapsulated and taking it like a vitamin after birth. This is a method that has been thought to help treat post-partem depression, help with milk supply, and a few other really good things. Lots of people think it's really gross, but I've done the research and I am willing to do anything I can to not get depressed after I have this baby! I really don't want my mental instability (or whatever you want to call it) to get in the way of enjoying my baby.

Speaking of baby, he is moving CONSTANTLY! Every 2 hours, at least, he reminds me he is in there and is getting stronger than ever! I have a little alien inside of me that loves to kick me in all my organs. Sometimes he moves so fast/strong it makes me jump! I'm getting some typical pregnancy aches and pains - sore hips, my stupid groin, tired, moody, etc. Oh and sleeping is getting more and more annoying. Sleeping on my sides makes my hips hurt, sleeping on my right side especially and I have to sleep sitting up if I want to be on my back, which I end up doing more often than not...yay for crappy sleep!

In other news....Things are coming along with the nursery! We bed is set up. We have car seats and strollers. Walls are starting to get decorated. Rocker is in there. We have some clothes already. Unfortunately, we can't do a ton of stuff because we have to wait until the baby showers just in case some of our decorations that we registered for get bought! Speaking of the baby shower..invitations are being made today and my sister will be sending them out this week! I'm having 3 baby showers for this child. Crazy, I know. The first one will be April 7 (a day before my birthday!) and it will be with Chris's mom's side of the family. This will probably be the smallest of my baby showers and will be at our house. I think it will be a great first baby shower! A good start to a busy month. My mother-in-law is doing it all and I'm letting her do whatever her heart desires! This is her first grandchild and her house and she is thrilled and since I'm having 3, I figured she can have this one! My second and biggest baby shower will be April 20 in Muncie. This will be all of my family (mom's and dad's side) and all of my friends in Muncie and surrounding areas. We have invited over 70 people... Funny how large baby showers get when you make them co-ed! Yikes!!! We will see how many people RSVP! My third and final baby shower will be the following weekend (cutting it close, I know! I occasionally wonder if my big one is pushing it as well, but the space has already been rented!). My last baby shower, scheduled for the week after my big one, will be for Chris's dad's side of the family, put on by his lovely ex-step mom. I have no idea how big this one will be or anything about it and I'm totally okay with that. I think my favorite kind of baby shower is one I don't have to plan or worry about. Can you blame me? I will be so pregnant by late April I'll be lucky to physically LAST through all 3 baby showers!

Alright, I think I'm done for pics and I will see you all next month!

8 weeks

31 weeks (today!)


Front face

His foot is up by his face...can you tell?

Foot! He loves his feet for some reason.