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So many doctors! So little time!

So, my last post, I left off at finding out I was pregnant (!!!), needing to find a doctor and call Dr. Diaz about my band. This is what has gone on since then...

Let's talk lap band stuff first, shall we? After my initial midwife appointment (which I will get to below), I was feeling pretty miserable. I was ravenous every 2 hours and unable to eat real food until around 10 am (and I get up at 6 am to start typing for my part time job! Yes, I kept that job too and am now working 2 jobs. One 30 miles away and the other from home 20ish hours a week.) I couldn't eat until around 10 because my band was just plain snug in the morning. Even before I was pregnant, I always had to drink some coffee and let my band 'wake up' before even thinking about eating. I also wasn't usually hungry until it loosened up either, but all that changed after my little kumquat showed up...On top of being hungry pretty much constantly, I was bloated, emotional, constipated, and training in my new job around a bunch of people that didn't know I was pregnant!

Two weeks after starting my job, I finally got in to see Dr. Diaz. He was very happy with my progress (96 pounds down!) and was very open to suggestions about my band. I was worried he would want a complete unfill, but I really don't think he would have taken any out if I didn't want him too. Ultimately, we agreed that taking out 4 cc (half of my fluid) would be reasonable. It would allow me to eat and the baby to grow and hopefully, I wouldn't have to come back in for another adjustment. This is important because my new insurance does NOT cover anything bariatric related... Awesome, I know. (Neither does pregnancy Medicaid.) I told him I was a bit nervous about this new-found freedom but he reassured me that the band is only a tool and I knew what to do to be successful and I just needed to stick with the same eating habits I had before. (Turns out, easier said than done!) I also talked to my nutritionist about ... well, everything! We talked about calories and poop and everything in between!

Since my unfill (on Sept 27) I have gained roughly 10 pounds. This upsets me a bit, I won't lie. I do know that some of it is water though. Since getting pregnant, my feet and legs swell nightly. Last week, I started walking the stairs for 5 minutes every hour at work to help combat this and to get some exercise in my 12+ hour days full of sitting...I'm hoping this will help combat the weight gain as well (if anything, my ass will look AMAZING). I knew when I got my unfill, I would gain. It's unavoidable. I can eat a lot more than I could, roughly 2-3 times as much (but still not as much as pre-lap banding)! It's a big change, and unfortunately, it has not phased me that much. I know I need to eat, so I do. And yes, the day after I got my unfill, I went straight for a cheeseburger (Whopper Jr. from BK and it was amazing, but I regretted it soon after! SO BLOATED That's why I don't eat those anymore!). Bread, sandwiches, scrambled eggs, muffins anything I had to basically give up due to my band, I have sampled! I'm not proud, but man, it tasted good. I went a little nuts that first week or two, but I'm settling back down now. I eat 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks and I average anywhere from 1800-2200 calories a day depending on what choices I make. I have been researching like mad for healthy food ideas to keep me satisfied. (It's almost like I found out I was pregnant and lost all knowledge of healthy eating habits.) I almost constantly worry about gaining my weight back. I know I have to gain some, but I really don't want to have to start ALL over again, ya know? I'm already up a size in my pants and I just unpacked all my cute smaller jeans and clothes...that I can't fit into now. I also got rid of pretty much ALL of my fat clothes. Good timing, right? I thought so. (Side note: I found my motivation for drinking water! It's not up to 64 oz but its WAY better than it used to be!)

As for my other doctor's appointments... I met with a midwife first. This first appointment was to confirm my pregnancy (via another pee test) and talk about options and my band. Unfortunately, they do consider me in the high-risk category due to my band (and they drew 15 VILES of blood to do a ton of unnecessary nutrition/vitamin/deficiency testing). The midwife was very nice, answered my questions, and was very straightforward but friendly. I really liked her and was sad that she only worked in the clinic (meaning she did not deliver babies in the adjoining hospital, where I will be giving birth). A couple weeks later, I met with a doctor due to my high risk status. She said she wasn't very concerned about my band, especially since I didn't have any malabsortion (which I already pointed out to the midwife, but they have to follow protocols). She said I should be fine to stay with a midwife for my pregnancy as long as no problems arise. Yay!

In doing pregnancy research, I have become a firm believer that doctors are for emergencies and issues, and midwives are for birthing babies. I see no reason for intervention unless there needs to be. Yes, this means I would like a natural birth. I would have tried for a home birth or a birthing center, but we don't have those options here, and Chris is WAY too paranoid to be okay with that. Ideally, I want to have a water birth, so wish me luck! Thankfully, I found a practice attached to a baby/mom-friendly hospital that employs over 30 midwives and advocates for natural childbirth! I cannot tell you how much better this makes me feel about birthing in a hospital.

After seeing those two doctors, I also got to meet with a counselor. This office offers free counseling to pregnant mothers who need it! I think that is pretty wonderful, especially since I need it! We will be hopefully finding ways for me to cope with all the stress in my life (2 jobs - one brand new, not seeing my husband - ever, a crowded house, baby on the way, etc) and deal with my anxiety without medication. I have seen her three times now and it's going pretty good so far. If anything, it's a nonbiased ear that I can talk too.

This-coming Friday, I have my first physical appointment with my midwife. This means I get to take my clothes off and be thoroughly checked out. Other than that, I have no clue what is actually going to go down.

On top of all of this, I signed up/agreed to do a research study for first time moms. (NuMom2Be) I'm really excited about this! I love research studies and I think its important to gather as much information as you can about things. I even asked Dr. Diaz if there were any pregnancy/lapband related studies going on, but there weren't...So anyway, with this study, they basically just meet with you once a trimester, ask you a few routine questions, do an ultrasound, and that's it! The cool part is I get copies of the ultrasounds, gift cards when I go, and in my 3rd trimester I get a 3D ultrasound and a FREE car seat! How cool is that?!

I already had my first appointment with them after my first midwife appointment. Sadly, Chris couldn't go...I answered a bunch of questions, got my lady bits swabbed, and got my first ultrasound. :) I was pretty nervous going into the ultrasound. It still hadn't set in that I was actually pregnant yet. I had NO IDEA how far along I was due to my freakishly irregular periods. When I saw the little bean on the screen it was pretty amazing. I could see the heart beating on the screen and I could hear a very faint heartbeat! I wish Chris could have seen it too! I got pictures though and after spending 3 hours there, I went on my way (TO EAT!). He did, however, get to be there for my DOCTOR appointment (as mentioned above) in which I got my first ultrasound from the doctor's office (which is separate from the research study). I loved watching Chris's face and reaction to seeing the baby on the ultrasound. And he wasn't expecting to hear a heartbeat, so when he did, he was amazed. I won't lie, I almost cried! He is so happy, it makes me turn into a big puddle of hormonal goo. At the time of this appointment I was 9 weeks and 1 day. As of today, I am 11 weeks and 2 days along.

I had a hard time deciding when to tell the world via my blog and Facebook. I also had to wait until the word spread throughout my families. Originally, I was going to wait until my second trimester, but then I realized, I'm going to tell you (my blog followers) anything and everything that happens no matter what, so why hide it? Right? And there was no WAY I could update my blog and NOT talk about the biggest thing happening in my life right now.

I'm sorry for jumping around, but I thought going in date order would be just as confusing! Also, I have pregnancy brain! Don't judge me! :-p

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