Thursday, October 18, 2012

A slight change in plans...

*This post was written a few weeks ago. I will have ANOTHER update for a follow up in a couple of days!

So, if you didn’t see my previous one picture post, I am finally into ONEderland at 198.5 pounds! I cannot tell you how awesome it feels to be under 200 pounds again. I feel normal! I’m now 18.5 pounds away from my lowest and 38.5 pounds away from the goal! As awesome as that is, per my post title, there has been a slight change in plans. 

I recently found out that I am pregnant! Words cannot express the excitement, shock, joy, fear, dread, and just plain nervousness I am feeling right now. Obviously, I am happy because this was my ultimate/end goal of getting lap band surgery. This is what I wanted, in the end. However, I wasn’t quite to ‘the end’ yet. I am not upset about this fact, per se…I’m slightly disappointed that I will not get to meet my goal yet. I emphasize the yet because I still have no doubt that I will reach that goal, it will just be postponed for another year or so now. And, I feel reassured that I will have my band after the baby is born to help me get back on track. 

So, let me tell you my ‘how I found out I was pregnant’ story, shall I? If you don’t care to read about body functions/parts/periods then I suggest you skip this paragraph! First, I feel I should say that my periods are so irregular that I was sure that I would need to see a specialist to get pregnant. I was sure if my body was going to regulate after my surgery it would have done so by now…but my periods still came and went as they pleased. That being said, the day after Labor Day (irony) I started feeling what could possibly be my impending period. I was bloated, painfully so, every night that week. I was moody. I was tired. My lower back was hurting randomly. All period symptoms. Then, came some other oddities. All week, I was cold. Not just kind of cold either, like chilled to the bone, I had goose bumps almost 24/7 whether it was cold in the room/outside or hot. I was somewhat concerned about this, and as anyone who has researched pregnancy as much as I have (basically as much as I researched the lap band), I was slightly paranoid. But, I brushed it off. I have always told myself I would not think I was pregnant until my breasts hurt or were tender – the captain obvious sign of pregnancy. Well, thanks to all of these goose bumps, my breasts weren’t tender, but they were a bit sensitive. Again, I was a little suspicious, but I tried to ignore my pregnancy paranoia. That weekend, after talking to Chris about all of these ‘symptoms’ , he suggested I get a pregnancy test. So, we went to Dollar General and got 2 pregnancy tests for $1 each (because really, who pays $10 for ONE CVS brand pregnancy test? I would rather pee in a cup than on a stick if it’s going to save me $9). Sunday morning (September 8), after a night of terribly restless sleep (restless legs actually, something else that’s not normal for me), I got up and took my $1 pregnancy test, fully expecting a negative result. As the urine worked its way slowly through the test, I noticed the control line was oddly low and close to the test line. Then, another line showed up…and my jaw dropped. A million thoughts crossed my mind at that moment, but at the same time, my mind was blank. I went into the bedroom and looked at my sleeping husband, debating on HOW to wake up him and tell him the good news. He knew I was testing that morning, so surely he would wake up easily. I shook him a bit and told him to wake up, and he did (and it’s NEVER that easy), and I shoved the test in his face and he said, “What does that mean?” (because he’s a guy) and I said, “It means yes!” And he smiled and said “Oh boy…” and thus started a very crazy day for us. I ended up taking another test that day and then another one the next morning, just to be sure. They all said the same thing, so I’m inclined to believe them. 

Fast forward to 2 days later, and I get an email from a job I interviewed twice for asking me to call them so they can extend me an offer for a job! I was thrilled and at the same time, terrified. How would they react to me getting a job and then getting pregnant? Oh boy. (Thankfully, they took it in stride and I reassured them I would not be taking any days off until my baby arrived because I need to save up that PTO! And I will be taking all of my doctors’ appointments on Friday afternoons, when I am not working.)

Oddly enough, I feel pretty lucky to be living with my mother-in-law at this point. The space (or lack of) can be an issue, but it also means I do not have to worry about as many bills as I would if we were renting on our own, and I know she will do everything she can to help out, and we will do our best to keep up with our end of things as well. (I think that was my longest sentence ever!) I don’t know if I want to necessarily be here when the baby is born, mostly due to the space issue, but we will play it by ear and hopefully Chris and I will have jobs by then that pay well enough for us to get out on our own. Until then, I am going to try to take advantage of the hospitality I’m being offered and enjoy it while I can! 

As far as my health and weight is concerned, I plan to treat this like a regular pregnancy! I’m already hungry every 3 hours or so. I noticed this a while ago, but just thought I maybe needed a fill, now I realize that may not have been the case! I am not going to try to gain or lose a certain amount of weight. I am going to eat sensibly and try to make smart decisions when it comes to healthy foods (unless of course I NEED something sweet/greasy/etc). I emailed my nutritionist and she suggested I up my calories to 1800 a day! I have already added 300 calories to my usual 1200 so I was a bit surprised by this. She also wants me to get 95 grams of protein in a day! Needless to say, I will be buying some protein shakes, mixes, and bars to fit all that in! She also said to call my surgeon as he may want to do a complete unfill. This did not make me happy. If I am able to keep my calories up and am not having any issues with food, I really don’t think an unfill is necessary. Nonetheless, once I get my first baby doctor appointment done and over with, I will be calling Dr. Diaz to see what he thinks. I’m hoping I can convince him to let me stay at my current fill level unless/until I have issues with it. 

So, on my next update I will let you all know what Dr. Diaz says. I will also find out and inform you if my new midwife (or doctor) considers me high risk or not. And there will be PICTURES!

Until next time (which will possibly be Sunday!)

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