Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chugging along!

Ahoy there blog readers!

Monthly update, you ask? Why, it's right here! You may have been expecting my shouting from the rooftops post, but alas, I'm still waiting to reach my 100 lbs lost milestone. I will say, that as of 1 hour ago, I am 95 pounds down and ONE MEASLY pound to ONEderland! (That means I'm at 200 lbs, if you're bad at math.) So there's that at least.

My life has been full of ups and down since moving to Indy. I am still hunting for a full time job. I have had some promising interviews but still have to wait to hear back from others. Some that I thought were promising have disappointed me terribly. Job hunting has become the thorn in my side. Its a hovering cloud over my sunny skies, to say the least. I see a job I know I would rock at; put in an application; call and give them the heads up that I applied and am awesome (if I can find contact information); and sometimes I get a call back for an interview and its very promising and exciting and then....nothing. Not even a 'thanks but no thanks' call or email. Like a one night stand that I wasn't expecting to only be one night. LE SIGH.

So, since I'm job hunting still, I am still BROKE. I've been living off of soup, cereal, spaghetti, and frozen veggies. Needless to say, it's getting old. But whatevs...I'm still losing, although very slowly. I was hoping to be 100 lbs down by now, but my weight was bouncing between the same 3 pounds for about 3 weeks. I have purchased some fiber bills and more multivitamins though, so that's a plus!

The fiber pills... oh man. It said to take 5 pills a DAY. So, I did. Worst. Idea. Ever. That much fiber shocked my insides so bad that (WARNING POO TALK AHEAD) I had TEH POOPS for a full week. Like, I was afraid I was going to get dehydrated. I was very torn between being happy I was even pooing to saying, "not AGAIN!" when I would have to go. Long story short, I've only been taking 2 pills a day now and it has been working fairly well...I may up it to 3 pills a day in a couple weeks...we'll see how that goes.

In other news, I'm still slacking on working out. I'm still WANTING to do at home work outs but I just haven't gotten myself to do it. I always seem to having something to do or somewhere to go. Yesterday, I had to work 2 more hours to get in my stupid 24 hours of work for the week and I didn't get to do them until 8 pm. Where does my day go?! Today is my first free 8 hours since I've been in Indy. (This is because my husband is in class today until 5 pm. Yes, he signed up for a class on a Saturday! He's crazy. In his defense, it's a photography class, so it should at least be fun.) So basically, I just pointed out that I have the free time to figure this out today and I should just get off my arse and do it. FINE (Alex!) I'LL DO IT! Stop giving me that look! o.0''

Alright, so. The next time we speak I WILL be under 200 pounds and at or past my 100 lbs lost mark. I will also have pics and measurements for your viewing/reading pleasure! I can't believe I'm 20 lbs away from where I was 6 years ago and 40 lbs away from my goal. I knew I would get here, but I never thought about what it would feel like. Well, it feels pretty freakin' awesome. I'm currently wearing my Vanity jeans! For those of you that aren't fat, jeans from Vanity means that I am finally not wearing pants from Lane Bryant or Fashion Bug for the first time in about 5 years. I'm finding new things in my closet more than ever and it's awesome! Actually, this weekend I need to get into our storage unit and find some black dress pants that may fit me. I am in dire need of nice pants for interviews (and shirts, for that matter)! I may have to make a Goodwill run. Goodwill in big cities is an AWESOME place to find fat clothes, especially dress pants.

Oh! If anyone has any Cuban-style black beans and rice recipes, preferably with chicken involved, SEND THEM MY WAY. Chris and I had some AMAZING Cuban food at Downtown Disney when we went earlier this year, and I've been wanting to make some ever since! So yummy!

I think I'm done rambling for the day. Hopefully, you will be hearing from me in the beginning of next month, as opposed to the end!

Until next time

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  1. AHAHAHA! You know me too well! But I am so proud of you for beating me to the punch. Yeah! 8 hours of free time?! You can totally squeeze in at least a 20 minute workout, right? Now YOU just need to hold ME responsible for taking my own advice. O:)
    So get on that exercise routine and remember you're doing the best you can. Jobs aren't easy for anyone to find right now but as long as you stick with it, something is bound to give. :)
    Love you! Big hugs from across the sea!!