Sunday, July 8, 2012

Super skinny v. Super sized

Oh hai! Monthly update ahoy! Let's get right into it shall we?

I want to, first, talk about England and their TV shows. Specifically, a series called Super Skinny v. Supersized. One of my BFFs, Elizabeth told me to watch it tonight and I'm on episode 5 already! This show is a series that teams up a super skinny person (not necessarily anorexic, but looking it) with a morbidly to super morbidly obese person for 5 days in hopes of them teaching one another about the good and bad of food. They literally switch meals for every meal in hopes of them learning new habits. Then they both get sent home with a new, healthy, eating plan for 3 months and meet back to see how they have done. They also have side projects of a woman trying different weight loss techniques and another seemingly crazy lady who's goal is to "ban big bums". The main part of the show is pretty interesting to see them switch meals. The information they give you on food is nothing new to me. The weight loss and gains are pretty good. Although, it takes me a bit longer to get the moment of awe because they talk in stones, and I have to quickly multiply it by 14 to get it into pounds. The weight loss technique lady is pretty amusing*. Nothing terribly informing that I didn't already know, but entertaining nonetheless. The bum lady...she's ....different. The premise is she is having women test different techniques to make your butt smaller. Simple enough, but she tells this group of women about their flabby butts and half of them don't even have big butts (at least in my opinion)! She's say the least. If you have a desire to check this out (I am using YouTube), don't do it with kids around or at work. No, there is no cussing, but it is British television, and as they are not as censored as we are, there are large amounts of bare butts and boobs. You have been warned!

*For one technique, she got a colonic massage (which is something I have looked into and wanted to try!) and in the middle of her session she had to get up to poo! Then, that night she talked about taking such a big poo she clogged the toilet. I laughed...and I was also slightly jealous. I'm pretty sure if I got one of these I would lose a few more inches and fit into MORE CLOTHES...hmm!

As for my life, I am still working part time from home and desperately seeking a new, full-time job to work along with my at home job. Working from home is fun but it's also trying. I love being able to wake up RIGHT at 8 am (or a little past on occasion) and work until noon, take an hour or 2 lunch (eat, wash dishes, run any errands), then type more until dinner...and only 3-4 days a week depending how many hours I work! It's nice, but its not enough money and I feel working at home (with my husband around all the time) is almost too distracting. Either way, I need another job...STAT! Need more money! Need to leave the house! WANT to get dressed and shower before dinner! (Well, can be pretty nice most of the time.)

Unpacking is coming underway nicely. We have a much smaller area to work with so we are trying our best to condense and purge. Our storage unit is completely full. I really didn't think we would fill it. Wow, I was wrong! After 3 weeks, I have FINALLY gotten a lovely armoire thanks to my lovely MIL and gotten all of my clothes unpacked, hung up, too-small ones put back into storage, and even more have been given to Goodwill since I moved in! YAY clothes! I also have a whole new (small) drawer full of jeans and short pants that fit me! Size 20 and a few size 18! I haven't been in a size 18/20 since I got married almost 5 years ago! Woohoo! As of last week, I have lost 88 lbs!!! Annoyingly, I haven't gotten back to working out yet...we are looking at a different, better, cheaper gym, but the sign up fees are too much for us to afford right now. Thankfully, I've still been losing though! I plan on doing updated photos and measurements when I hit my 100-pound goal! I'm SO CLOSE!

Eating-wise, I've been doing okay. There aren't as many healthy choices in my new household (at least, not until I get a new job!) but I am managing. I have gone over my calories a few times, but re-arranging furniture, moving boxes, and outings have helped me with at least SOME cardio activity. I am having a bit of trouble determining if I need a fill though. Some days, I feel as if I can eat WAY more than usual (but not as much as I used to be able to eat) and other days, I feel right on. This is a problem a lot people face when they get to my point in the game. To fill, or not to fill? Due to my current money situation and lack of insurance, I am holding off and just trying to keep my portion sizes as accurate as possible. I desperately need to UP MY WATER, as usual, (I go in phases with water, can you tell?) and get back into a workout routine again. I'm not stressing about it just yet since I am still losing at a pretty decent pace, but if I want to get to my 100-pound goal by my husband's 30th birthday (on August 3), I gotta kick it into high gear! I may even look into the colonic massage to help get things 'flowing' since I am in a bigger city with more options on places to go for this.

Oh! Also, once I get a new job, I want to try the Paleo diet! Ever since I read about it, I desperately wanted to try it! AND I WILL! I have a friend doing it right now and said she feels amazing! (Hi Nikki!) If she can do it while feeding a husband and 3 kids, I should be able to do it to, right?? Of course right! Oh, maybe I will try this sooner rather than later to help with my August goal. Good thinking Erin!

Alright, I better get to bed! I have to get up and work in the morning (in my PJs)! Who knows, I might even get lucky and have time to go work out tomorrow evening! Wish me luck!!!



  1. Yey! 88 lbs! But don't let your new environment act as an excuse for eating differently/exercising left. YOU are the one in control of that - everything else is an excuse. It's hard, but it's a decision you have to make. <3
    Also, you must be on the earlier episodes of Super size vs Super skinny! I've been watching seasons 4 and 5 (also and YouTube) and it's quite different! Good show, though.

    1. ...exercising left? That should be exercising LESS. Not sure what happened there...