Sunday, July 22, 2012

Almost to ONE-derland!

Hello friends and family!

I wanted to share a quick update with you all... I am super stoked to share with you that I am 91 pounds down and 4 pounds away from being under 200 lbs for the first time in at least 5 years! My goal is so close, I almost cannot fathom it. It's nuts!

I'm really not quite sure how I'm even losing so steadily to be honest. I haven't been working out regularly. We just cancelled our Anytime Fitness membership to help save money until I find a full time job (yeah, I'm still working on that). We know where we WANT to go and sign up, but that won't happen until we both get jobs and get some things paid off! I'm thinking I'm going to put together a NerdFitness-inspired at home workout pretty soon though to hold me over! Who knows, maybe I will like it so much, I'll just stay home and save money! The only real exercise I've been getting is our 2-3 times a week outings my husband and I have throughout the week, weather depending of course. Either way, I'm not going complain! My weight is going down, I'm not over-eating (although I do feel more hungry sometimes and my food choices aren't great, but they are better than what I was eating when I worked at my job in Muncie and ate catered meals with deserts EVERY DAY), and I'm still staying under my calories most days! So yeah, I'll take what I can get!

In other news, last Friday, my husband applied and sent in a video to be on the next season of The Biggest Loser! We got into watching the show a few months ago and we both think he would be awesome at it (and it would be great for him, obviously)! We know its a long-shot but it's still a shot :) It would mean the world to me if anyone who knows him felt the urge to nominate him via email to help get his name out there! We both think this would be a great opportunity for him and the best time in our lives to do it.

Directions are as follows:

Please send nominations to Please include your name, age and place you reside and the nominee’s name (Chris Stalcup), age (29), current city/state (Indianapolis, IN) and why they deserve the chance to be on The Biggest Loser (Chris's main reason for doing this is to get healthy and start a family, avoid his family history of diabetes, and to get back into the military! You can say that, or something else. If you know my husband and want to help increase his chances, please send The Biggest Loser an email!)

If you do send an email, please let me know so I can thank you! 

Anyway, I plan on shouting it from the rooftops when I reach 100 lbs lost and I will be posting that update with pics and measurements! I don't think I'm going to reach that goal by Chris's birthday (he is turning 30 on August 3rd!) but I will be really close!!!

Until next time <3


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