Saturday, April 21, 2012

A rocking chair?!

Hello friends! Let's go back...way back a few weeks ago to April 8th, when I turned 27! For my birthday, my friend Augusta and I went to a spa and treated ourselves! I got an hour massage,a facial, and a pedicure! Finally! I got my (50 lbs lost) pedicure!!! The massage was amazing, although, it was done at 8 am and I was drinking coffee...And I learned, that you REALLY shouldn't lay on your stomach right after drinking coffee! The first half of my massage was me burping and willing my coffee to stay IN my pouch/stomach. I'm sure the massage therapist was a bit confused, but after a while and some conversation I started talking about the band so meh. Next, I got my facial! She did microderm abrasion and while it was nice, I feel like it just made my face feel icky! I broke out a bit a few days later. Stupid moisturizers! Finally, I got my pedicure, which was equally awesome! My toes are bright orange and match my tattoo nicely!

Nothing much happened in between that and my fill. Except that I got a call from the pre-cert woman from Dr. Diaz's office asking me some questions about when my TriCare ended because apparently, my new insurance is giving her some problems...sigh. She sent in the paperwork to pre-approve my fill 4 weeks before my appointment and one week before the appointment, they finally got back to her and told her I had to meet their criteria to get a FILL. And when I say their criteria, I mean their pre-approval criteria for the SURGERY. (Ya know, that surgery I already had?) Needless to say, it gave me a headache. The woman said she has been fighting with them and will continue to do so for as long as needed. They were trying to tell her I had to have the 6 months of supervised dieting to be approved even though I already had my surgery. She told them they were full of it and I'm still waiting to hear about whats going on with that. She also told me I would have to sign a paper saying I would pay out of pocket if I didn't want to push my appointment back if the insurance decided not to cover my appointment. Heavy sigh.

Let's talk about exercise, shall we? I emailed the people at for some help on where to start, and amazingly, a couple days later, they emailed me back! There is a girl that works for them and she emailed me back gave me some great tips and ideas of certain types of workouts to start with! I was very appreciative and a couple weeks later, I buckled down and put together a workout routine (with some help from my friend Alex!) My routine is as follows: 15 minutes of interval walking (no running yet, it scares me!), 15-30 seconds of planks (I can only do 15 right now), 1 set of 10 lb benchpress (I upped this to 15 lbs yesterday), 1 set of 10 squats, 1 set of 12 lb overhead press (with a weight bar), 1 set of 10 deadlifts with the 12 lb bar (this is really just to practice my form before going onto heavier stuff). Repeat 2-4 times (right now it's only 2 times, but I will up it to 3 times on Monday). I also made the decision to start working out in the morning before work. Not only for the reasons everyone says (you feel better throughout the day, it gives you energy, etc) but because if I get it out of the way early, then it won't be on my mind the rest of the day! So (thanks to this article from, I said "SUCK IT UP ERIN" and 3 days a week, I've committed myself to getting up at 5 (ok...5:30...ish) in the morning and go work out before work! I just started this last Wednesday and I didn't go this Wednesday because my legs still hurt from my workout on I've done my routine a total of 3 times (the first morning I worked out I didn't have my routine figured out....which is why I decided to do one because at 5 am you don't want to have to think about what to do next - you just want to do it!) It's been going well, and I must say, I actually do have more energy despite getting up 1-2 hours earlier than I do on other days! Who knew? Thank you NerdFitness Steve!!!

On to my appointment! My nutritionist meeting went well. I told her that my portion sizes were still too large and my last fill didn't really seem to do much of anything. I also told her I have started a workout routine and I was still dealing with the constipation monster. She told me everything sounded good, and that I should (obviously) be drinking more water, since I suck at it. After another (lame) 30-minute wait, I got to see my little PA buddy, Kami. We talked about the usual (how I'm feeling, am I staying full, constipation, working out, stress, etc) and she looked back at my fill history and figured we would go for another 0.5 cc fill. She numbed me and went to stick me and OW I felt it! She didn't hit the part she numbed so I felt my entire fill! I have to say, it wasn't that painful by any means (a little worse than a shot, I suppose) but I think I'm still happy I get the numbing stuff first!

After my fill, I had some yummy chicken noodle soup from my favorite place in Indy! Paragon! YUMMY. Everything there is amazing! I took it extra easy and careful with my food for the next 2 days because I didn't want to do anything to irritate my band. I'm at my fullest amount yet and I don't want to mess it up! I now have 8 cc in an 11 cc band. Things are going great so far! I can really tell this fill is better than the last one. My portion sizes are probably about 1/3 to 1/2 smaller than they were before! I am eating slower and taking smaller bites and it's working out well! I can tell I'm tighter in the morning now, but I usually drink coffee before I eat any food anyway. The day after my fill at work, I wasn't even hungry until lunchtime! It was crazy, to say the least. So yeah, things are going swimmingly so far. No stuck episodes, a little PBing (productive burping) here and there when I eat too much or too fast, but nothing terrible.

Now, onto the reason for my title...A glider rocking chair. I looked it up. Do you know how much one of those weighs? 71.5 lbs. Why is that significant? Because that's how much weight I'm down!!! OH YES. I have been stuck at 65-68 lbs down for about a MONTH! It was awesome to finally pass that threshold! I am now only 30 lbs away from losing 100 lbs! It seems so close but so far away. I was hoping to be 100 lbs down by my 1 year bandiversary (which is next MONTH!), but I think I'm pretty darn close! I'm hoping with this fill and my awesome new workout routine I can get there by this summer. :] Since I've reached this awesome point in my weight-loss, I took my measurements tonight! Enjoy the fruits of my weight-loss labor and observe how many inches I've lost!

Neck: -1.0
Arms: -3.0
Chest: -6.5
Waist: -10.5 (!!)
Hips: -6.0 (This is why I was stuck in the same size for so long! Stupid pear-shaped body!)
Thighs: -4.5
Total inches lost: -30.5

How do you like me now??? And since I haven't uploaded a pic in forever, I'll give you a few pics from our Disney vacation that I FINALLY uploaded!

My magic ears!

Here's the body shot! Yay for curvy girls!
Chip N Dale liked us! They thought Chris was a tough guy!