Friday, March 30, 2012

Gimp post!

Oh, thought I would miss my monthly update did you? WRONG-O! I have 1.5 days until April!

So, what's going on this month? Firstly, I smashed my finger at work today and it was all bloody and oh my goodness ow painful! It still hurts a bit and I'm praying my fingernail isn't ruined :/ Anyway, that would be why I'm posting gimp...

Let's start at the beginning of March shall we? Chris and I went on our vacation and it was AWESOME! We ended up driving through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia in the worst storms to cross the Midwest all year. Chris and I drove through southern Indiana and missed the horrific tornado that hit Henryville by about a mile! We also got stuck on I-24 in between TN and GA for about 3 hours due to downed power lines across the entire highway. We stopped to rest after that lovely ordeal and made it to our hotel in Orlando thoroughly exhausted. We also got upgraded to a suite thanks to them not having the type of room we wanted! So that was awesome. Our hotel was very nice, but everything was so over-priced! I wasn't surprised, of course, but was hoping for some type of break!

Anyway, Disney was amazing! The weather was fabulous, the people and other visitors were all nice and friendly, and Downtown Disney was totally awesome. I got a lovely Minnie Mouse wedding hat and I'm pretty sure it had magical powers! We got some minor special treatment and it was great. This was the honeymoon I had always wanted and more! It was just great. I am lazy, though, and I still have all of my pictures on my phone. I hope to get those on my computer soon though! On our way home, we stopped and met up with some of Chris's family in TN and that was a fun time too!

After our vacation, I had to reschedule my fill appointment because I didn't realize how close it was to my vacation and had no PTO hours to use! I have since re-scheduled it for April 18th. I'm very much looking forward to my appointment because I need another fill! I'm very certain that 0.5 cc I got last month was NOT enough! I'm not staying satisfied and it's driving me crazy. I have been losing still, but very slowly. My weight is fluctuating thanks to nemesis!

I'm still struggling with working out on a regular basis as well. Life keeps getting in the way. It's very frustrating and weighs heavily on my mind. I have new workouts I want to try but I can't seem to get to the gym, especially not when the trainer is there to show me how to do these moves I want to do correctly. I'm very frustrated with myself but I can't seem to get shit done about it! I need a work-out buddy like whoa! (I wanted it to by my husband, but that effort seems futile at the moment.)

Otherwise! My life is going just dandy...I'm pretty busy, stressed, and broke, but otherwise happy :) Oh, and my birthday is next Sunday! I'll be 27. I asked my husband to win the Mega Millions tonight for my birthday present. I'll let you know if he gets it for me!

Until next month! Au revoir