Friday, February 17, 2012

It's that time of the month again...

Blog update time! I know you were all sitting on the edge of you seat waiting for an update, so sit back and be ready for a read! 

Let's start with band-related news, shall we? At the end of January, I went with my friend to her WLS seminar. We got there WAY too early (like 3 hours! Oops.) but better early than late, right? Sitting through the seminar wasn't as tiring as I thought it would be. It was interesting sitting through it all after having done it already. I also called ahead and let Dr. Diaz know I would be there. After the seminar, when my friend went back to talk to him, I went along...He thought the best way to go for her would be to get the Gastric Sleeve. I hadn't done much research on this option, but I agreed with Dr. Diaz that since she was heavier than I was when I started this process, and she was older, she had nothing to lose by getting that surgery and losing the weight a little faster than I am. For those that don't know about the Gastric Sleeve, it is a major surgery. There is no re-routing of intestines, but they cut out most of the stomach. They create a 'sleeve' that narrows (to create the pouch for food). This allows for better nutrient absorption (unlike gastric-bypass) and requires less followup appointments (unlike banding). As soon as I got home, I started looking up the surgery and told my friend to do the same. We both concluded that the eating rules and such are pretty much the same as lap band and the weight loss should be a bit faster. Not super fast, like gastric-bypass, but faster than the band at least. I was almost sad I didn't opt for that surgery, but in the end, I had my reasons for the banding option and I don't think my TriCare would have covered it anyway. I did check into my friend's insurance and I'm pretty sure it does cover the sleeve for my friend! She is scheduled to have her psychological evaluation next Friday and we're both really excited! I love helping her along this path and I hope to make it go as smoothly and quickly as possible for her! 

In fact, I like it so much, I really wish we had more of a turn out at the support group meeting we went to together a few days later because I love taking about my surgery and giving the best, most accurate information possible to people considering WLS. It makes me wish I could get a job with St. Vincent's and do it all the time! I would totally rock at that! Support group was very small last month and there were only two people there (including Jeff, the guy that leads the group) and myself that had already had the surgery and about 4 people who were looking into it and/or just starting the process. We even made a new friend there! Hopefully, this month will have a bigger turnout. 

A week later, on February 1, I got my fill! I talked to the nutritionist and everything was dandy there, per usual. And then I went up to get my fill! I talked to my PA about my hunger and how one day I just seemed to be hungry all the time and it never stopped! I also told her I didn't want to go very fast with the fills any more because I knew I was close to being where I needed to be and I did NOT want to get overfilled again! She agreed slower would be better and she gave me 0.5 cc. I don't feel much of a difference (with hunger, although I am getting stuck a bit easier now) but I am still losing so I am going just keep my next appointment 6 weeks out instead of making it sooner.

Speaking of losing...As of today I am 62 pounds down!!! I am almost HALF WAY to my goal! I don't know if I will get to my 100-pound goal by May, but I will be damn close! My work outs have only consisted of walking on my lunch at work because I've been super busy after work ALL THE FREAKING TIME, but I do plan on working out tomorrow and Sunday to give myself a kick start in getting back into this habit. Annoyingly, my clothes don't feel any different...but I know that I lose more slowly in my bottom half than I do my top half (YAY for being pear-shaped!) That reminds me, I need to do my measurements again soon! Maybe this weekend! 

I have also discovered a new website! It's called My friend Nikki turned me on to it and it's amazingly inspiring! The guy that runs it writes great articles on getting your life together and making no excuses! He uses an eating plan based on the Paleo diet which consists of the basics - Meat, fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, etc. Nothing processed, no grains, no dairy. I am seriously considering trying this diet. I don't plan on cutting out diary because I love milk and cheese too much, but the idea of cutting out processed foods sounds amazing. It might be the change I need to kick my weight-loss into gear! Now, I just have to get my husband on board and get all of the crap out of the house...

At NerdFitness, they also put a big emphasis on strength training and how it's good for more than just bulking up for guys. It's for creating strong, thick muscles, and keeping them that way, even when you are losing weight! I feel like that would be a great way to tone up my weak muscles and help with some of this excess skin I'm getting. It's not drastic by any means, but I can see it and I want to do whatever I can to not let it get any worse! Anyway, I will be looking into trying this once I do more research on it for someone in my situation and once I talk to the trainer at my gym to get his thoughts on it as well. Here's hoping! Either way, I highly recommend you check out that website! It's very motivating and empowering to read his posts! I could read that website all day

In other news, my husband and I are gearing up to take the honeymoon we never got to have when we got married! We plan to go to Disney for an ENTIRE WEEK! I am so freaking excited, it's not even funny! I found great deals and tips through another awesome website called She gives amazing money-saving advice and you can get special rates at certain hotels through her website! I found a hotel on Disney resort property (but not owned by Disney) for $89 a night! If you have ever looked at prices for Disney trips, you will know how amazing that is (for nicer hotels at least)! We also are able to get Chris's military discount for Disney tickets themselves! So. Amazing. We are beyond excited. This will be our first real vacation together. Ever. (We did go to TN to see his grandmother a couple summers ago but that was only a 3-4 day trip! And we didn't get a chance to do much sight-seeing or anything like that.) Needless to say, we are super excited! So lately my computer time has been spent researching Disney, park crowds, what to pack, where to go, and all of that other fun vacation planning business. Can you tell I like to do research? What a nerd. 

Oh yeah, I got my new glasses! They are totally awesome and I will post a pic of those too as soon as I take a decent pic of them where you can see the color! (They are red ^_^) Work has been a hot mess...Lots of up in the air crap and my boss just left last week and started a new job. I'm really happy for her, but sad too because we really got to know each other over the last year and I'm gonna miss her (for more reasons than one!) :( She's a cool lady. But, now that we don't work together, we are friends on Facebook! We also text at lot about how we are doing and how work is going for each other. Thankfully, she still works in the same city (like a block away really) so I hope that will allow us to have lunch and still hang out!

Lastly, our little house guest, Gizmo, is officially ours! (Well, she's not a puppy per se, but she is the size of one!) We are glad to have her as ours and we hope she likes it here! One day, we hope to be able to get her a (big) playmate (if she allows it, that is, because she is a little spoiled). I won't be complete until I get another big dog in the house, but Gizmo is a great addition either way! 

I think I have finally run out of stuff to ramble about! Until next month! <3