Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year, new pic!

Hello blogland!

How was your NYE? Mine was quiet and nice. Chris and I spent it at home alone (because he had to work at 8 am the next morning). We shared some champagne, watched some Sons of Anarchy, and went to bed shortly after the ball dropped. I forget how nice it is sometimes to just stay home and enjoy each other's company.

So, where to begin? Well, Sunday, Chris and I FINALLY got back to the gym! It felt so great to get back into the gym! I feel like such a slacker when I'm not doing something I know I should be doing! I started right back where I left off in terms of my weights and I've increased my cardio from 10 minutes to 25 minutes (THANK YOU new gym shoes)! I have been 3 days this week so far! Last night, I went alone (because someone overdid it last time and can't move very well right now) and there were a TON of people at the gym! The parking lot was full and so were all of the cardio machines! I had to ride a bike until a treadmill was free! I hate exercise bikes! They make my butt hurt :/ (and my fat moves around more than I like it too.) I'm taking a break tonight from the gym to rest my muscles a bit. My abs are killing me and now my back is a little sore too so I'm gonna give it a day to rest. I HOPE to go back the rest of the week though :) I gotta start getting some of this flab tightened up! My arms are pretty jiggly now, as are my thighs and my lower stomach. You can really tell the weight I've lost when you look at my skin. I don't mind it too much right now as I know some of it will tighten up on its own, but I can't depend on just that it if I want to keep losing!

Here is a pic of me from last week that I meant to post a while ago! In my new fav shirt I got from Fashion Bug! Its a little big on me, but its super cute (and it was on sale)!

That's Gizmo! We're baby sitting!

I also have stopped taking my Nexium! It wasn't really by choice, I just can't afford to pay $25 for it now with my new insurance. It used to be only $5 with TriCare! So lame! So, I am trying to live without it. I found some Zantac in the bathroom that I am taking at night to tide me over for now. I do get a little heart-burny at night and in the morning when I'm hungry, just like before I went on Nexium, but the medicine helps at night and that's all I care about! The morning reflux isn't very bad and goes away as soon as I eat something. I'm hoping another 20 or pounds off will allow me to not need it at all! (Hey, a girl can dream.)

Today, I finally got my eyes checked! (Yay for vision insurance!) I haven't had an eye exam or new glasses in about 4 years, and WOW did I need it! My astigmatism has gotten equally worse in both eyes but I do not have to wear bifocals like I was fearing! I just have to wait to get paid to put a down payment on the remaining cost of our glasses and then I can get them ordered! (It's not a lot, I'm just really broke.) I'm pretty excited about new glasses. Anyone who wears them will understand! :)  They are WIRE frames which is totally new for me. I have always worn plastic frames so this is a huge change. The brand is Uber which I find totally awesome. They are red and match my hair pretty awesomely, if I do say so myself. :D I can't wait to get them! They wouldn't have been as expensive as they were but I decided to get anti-glare on them since I look at a computer all day and sit under florescent lights.

Let's see...what else? Oh! I cleaned out my closet and gave away some of my clothes that don't fit! I'm glad someone can get some use out of them! Some of the things in there I hardly ever wore! I also found a pair of jeans that almost don't fit me in my closet that I didn't even know I had!

In other band-releated news, I'm pretty sure I need a fill! This past week or so, I've noticed that I am hungry after I eat, or shortly after I eat and that is not cool! I can definitely tell that I'm not at the restriction I was before. Which is good, because it means I am losing weight which is making my band looser but now I have to move up my fill appointment! I did that today actually. I got it moved from Feb 20 to Feb 1! I could probably go sooner, but I am going to tough it out and make sure it's the band and not all in my head (or my period making me hungry 24/7). Oh! I am also going to a WLS meeting with a friend of mine at the end of this month! My surgeon will be doing the presentation and I'm pretty excited to go! I know it will be pretty boring for me, but I'm really happy to support my friend as she starts her journey! I hope her approval process goes as smoothly for her as it did for me! Makes me all excited and re-motivated just thinking about it. I'm curious to see if Dr. Diaz will recognize me...I will probably say hi ahead of time just to be safe. I don't want any embarrassing moments for either of us, lol.

Well, that's all the news I have for now! Until next time!!!