Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sweet Spot?

Hello faithful readers! 

Well, it's that time again! I went in for my last checkup (before losing my good insurance) last Thursday. Firstly, I should point out that at the last minute before I signed up for my insurance at work, they upgraded it and this newer, 'better' insurance covers bariatric surgery and therefore will cover my lap band fills! OMGYAY! I was thrilled when I found out, to say the least! What a huge relief and weight off my shoulders!

On to my appointment! My mom took me to my appointment this time and we got there just in time! I talked to the nutritionist about how my portion sizes are pretty good right now and if I ever get stuck or PB its ALWAYS my fault for not paying attention to my bite sizes and my chewing. I'm getting better at it, but sometimes my brain and my stomach don't listen to me and get over-excited about eating... I also told her that I have been kicking butt on drinking my water! I was tired of feeling run-down and getting headaches all the time and I decided it was because I wasn't drinking my water, so I made goals. I decided to attempt to drink 1 bottle of water every 2 hours at work and that would be roughly 66 oz of water a day. Sounds easy enough right? Well I've been doing pretty good at it so far! I always get at least 2-4 bottles of water a day. I know, 2 is still low, but its more than the 1 or 1/2 of a bottle I was drinking before! Usually I get 3 unless I work overtime then I almost always get in my 4. Needless to say, I pee ALL THE TIME now. It's occasionally inconvenient. Other than that, it's doing me good I think. (Although, I do have to admit, I totally still suck at drinking water on the weekends. I never think about it...oops.)

After talking to my nutritionist I went upstairs to see my PA. I told her about some weird aliments I had going on this past month (cramping when laying on my left side only, random dizziness and flushing, my weight going down 5 lbs then up 3, and something else that I can't remember) and she attributed them ALL (almost all) to not pooing on a regular basis! Who knew not pooing regularly could affect you in so many ways? Well, now she wants me to take fiber supplements all day, everyday and MiraLAX, as well as my water intake! I feel like a medicine machine! I am slowly increasing the fiber to its intended amount (9 pills a day!) and I remembered to bring my MiraLAX to work today so YAY me! I really hope it works! I honestly can't remember the last time I was on a regular pooing schedule. (Even before my surgery my poo productivity was sketchy. TMI right? Oh wells!) She also pushed around on me and said she didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. Whew!

My PA also didn't think I needed another fill!!! HAHAOMGYAY! I didn't think I was going to need one, but I thought that last time too and she wanted to do a little more anyway, so I was STOKED when she told me this! I decided to wait 3 months to come back to see what I could do in that time on my own. I am really excited to think I might have found my sweet spot after 6 months of adjustments! I am not going to come to any conclusions until my 3-month check-up though and see how I've done on my own. I do occasionally get frustrated that my weight loss is behind what I envisioned myself weighing by now, but then I remind myself that 42 pounds took me a year to lose last time I attempted to lose weight and this time it's only taken me 6 months! How can you be mad about that? I may not lose it as fast as some bandsters, but I'm still losing and I think that's all that really counts! (Slow and steady wins the race, eh?)

That leads us into what I'm doing now to try to get this weight-loss thing into gear! Firstly, the water. Secondly, I have been trying to incorporate some stair climbing and walking around the hospital on my lunch breaks. I don't do it everyday because I don't always take 1 hour lunches, but I would say I do it at least 2-3 days a week. I also am not doing overtime anymore (at least for now) so Chris and I are going to try to get back into going to the gym in the evenings. (We were very worried a couple weeks ago because we thought maybe he had a hernia, but thankfully we just found out yesterday that it's just a strain! YAY!) I'm hoping to start doing this TONIGHT!

On top of getting back in to working out after such a long hiatus, I downloaded a MyFitnessPal application onto my iPhone and I am counting my calories. The thought of counting calories, to me, was pure hell. I hated the thought of having to scrutinize every single thing all the time, but I realized it's the best way to see what my deal is with not losing as much weight as I want to me in the amount of time I want it to be in. (At least 100 lbs lost in a year, for those of you who don't know.) So, I found this app for my phone and I freaking love it! They have a HUGE library of foods, meals, restaurants, etc and you can also track your water and exercise! I have been tracking my calories for about 2 weeks now, and I am really glad I'm getting into this before Thanksgiving! I have a feeling it will be a huge lifesaver! Also, since I've been doing this I am down 1.5 pounds! (Probably 2 if you don't count poo!) Having it on my phone is really convenient and I like it more than the calorie counter on the Realize website! (Which I haven't been on in a LONG time, but that's partially because I can't remember the password and I'm rarely on my main computer anymore.) Overall, it's not as terrible as I thought it would be! I put in my current weight, my goal weight, and how many pounds a week I wanted to lose and it calculated the amount of calories I would need to eat a day to achieve that goal! Pretty snazzy! My caloric goal according to MyFitnessPal is 1370 calories a day, which I think is even a little high but I'll take it! (And I always try to be under that anyway, not that I always am...)

Goings-on in my life right now include having a new temporary roommate! We gave the cats we were watching back to their owners and 2 days later we got Gizmo, our dog-niece. She is a Teacup Rat Terrier and I will post a pic or two of her later. She is pretty much a spaz, but thankfully, she's gotten out of her puppy phase (she is 3...or 4...maybe) and really just likes to sleep all day (and poop OUTSIDE, so awesome!) She has behaved much better than expected and it's nice having a dog in the house again. Granted, she is literally 10 times smaller than Roxie and she really makes me want another dog of my own and BIG one. Gizmo is adorable and cute and cuddly but big dogs are where it's at for me. Maybe someday...

Oh! I need to say some shout-outs to family! Firstly, my BFF Elizabeth had her adorable baby on Wednesday! His name is Liam and he weighed 7 lbs, 4 oz! He is perfect and completely adorable and we are so happy we have a new member of our herd! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please just don't worry about. :]  )

Secondly, I have to say CONGRATS to my cousin Matt for FINALLY getting engaged! I'm sure the entire family was shocked! I know I was! I'm happy for ya cuz! 

Thirdly! I have to say good luck and have fun to my brother-in-law Adam! He is shipping off to basic training for the National Guard today! I wish you luck Adam! I know you will have a blast, just like your brother did! Can't wait to see you graduate! 

Oh! And last but not least, my Dad's birthday was last Friday! Happy birthday Dad!!! I can't wait to see you and Carol sometime during the holidays! Love ya!

That's all I have for now! Peace out blog-readers!