Friday, September 23, 2011

First un-fill

Too tight update ahoy! I got to the doctors office this morning on time thanks to my wonderful husband and was taken back immediately. I told my PA what problems I was having and she said I was definitely too tight and wanted to take out 1 cc. *whew* I was totally okay with that! She took out one cc (very quickly I might add, found my port in one try!) and had me drink some water and WOW what a difference that made! I could have hugged that tiny blond woman. She has me on clear liquids the rest of the day and full liquids tomorrow and told me to just take it easy and gradually work into 'real' food in order to get the swelling in my stomach to go down. She also wants me on at least one protein shake a day for 2 weeks to replenish my protein loss from not really being able to eat. She also heard me cough and suggested I get that checked I did.

I also went to my PCP today to get some antibiotics for my bronchitis. She said it didn't sound like pneumonia yet (scary!) and gave me a script for antibiotics. I ended up taking the whole day off work so I could go to this other appointment...I feel bad, but I also really feel like crap. I'm totally exhausted after yesterday's shenanigans and I'm coughing and just generally do not feel well mentally or physically today. So, after stopped at Walmart for protein powder and CVS for my meds and some more soup, I am now home on the couch in my sweats. I'm happy that I'm home and resting, but sad that I feel so yucky on such a pretty day. Lamesauce.

In the end, it's all for the best. I got my 1 cc unfill so I can eat and drink normally again and here's to hoping that it still gives me the restriction that I need. I'll keep you all updated on that after my swelling goes down. Until then...I'm taking a nap!

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  1. Yey! Feel better, hunny bunny. ;) Glad your doctors are taking such good care of you. Rest up - there will be other pretty days.