Thursday, September 22, 2011

4th fill...Blarg!!!

So, on Monday I got my 4th fill. I was totally stoked even though I had to drive an hour there and back in the pouring rain with a sinus headache and a massive cold brewing in my chest. Still, I went because I was so sure this fill would be my 'sweet spot' where I would have perfect restriction and not have to get any more after this! I talked to my PA about not being able to eat bread anymore and the current stress in my life and my serious lack of exercise lately due to said stress. She suggested I try talking to a counselor to get out my frustrations so I don't use food instead. I agreed that would be a good idea and then she gave me my fill! We both agreed going for 2 cc would be a good idea. That put me at a total of 7.5 cc in my 11 cc band. I drank the water and it went down okay. Looking back, it did give me some bubbly feelings which was probably the way it says "TOO MUCH". But I digress...

Once I got home I was on liquids for 48 hours. My lovely husband brought home some tomato soup for me from Panera and I tried to eat a little of it and BAM, STUCK. WTF! It hurt and was very uncomfortable for quite a while. I didn't throw up, but there was some mucus. I didn't even eat the chunky parts. So I was thought, "Okay, maybe a little swollen...stick to clear liquids."

Skip to Tuesday evening...I got some potato soup from Great Steak and Potato for dinner because Chris had a night class. I ate a bit of it, ate a small piece of potato and BAM - STUCK AGAIN. So, I thought maybe I didn't chew that piece well enough or it was too big...something! I begrudgingly put away my yummy soup for another day. No dinner for Erin. Lame.

Wednesday night, I wanted to try soup again but maybe something not so thick, so we went to Olive Garden and I got the Zuppa (my fav! spicy sausage and potato soup). I told myself, and Chris, that I would take the recommended bites as small as half of my pinky finger and chew, chew, chew until it was basically nothing. I did and it took me probably 30 minutes to eat that darn bowl of soup, but I did it and I didn't get stuck! This confirmed my suspicions of me just not eating small enough bites. Which makes a lot of sense because until now, I really didn't have to worry about my bite sizes unless it was bread or pasta, which I pretty much decided I should just stop eating (most of the time...I won't lie. I ate a sandwich or two from Panera but it was very small bites and very slowly with no problems...and toasted).

So today, I brought the rest of my other potato soup with me to eat at work today for lunch. I have been drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast drinks all this week as to not irritate my band, by the way. And they taste way better than protein shakes! (But, alas, do not have nearly the same amount of protein.) I was starving, of course, by 10 am and had some Breakfast on the Go trail mix. I ate each piece individually, slowly, and chewed my heart out. No issues. I was so ready for that soup! Lunchtime came and I got my soup all heated and chopped up nice and small. As soon as I got 4 bites in, BAM STUCK A-FREAKIN-GAIN. I had to PB a few times to try to get some of that out of my esophagus but then I kept trying and trying to eat it. I just wanted my dang soup! Halfway through it and in a ton of pain I gave up, threw it away and went back to work. My chest was really hurting from being stuck and I am now reaching the coughing/yucky sounding lungs part of my cold and I think that REALLY didn't help the probable swelling in my band. Around 2, I was starving (still) so I went to the breakroom and found some left over Johnny Carinos chicken breast from a meeting earlier that afternoon. I heated it up and cut it up into tiny bites and downed 2 or 3 bites in a an idiot. STUCK YET AGAIN.(People always said the band was fickle!) Now this was getting WAY OLD. I felt defeated, frustrated, and honestly, no fat girl likes to be that hungry at work. After the stuck feeling kind of went away, I started to still PB...and I would spit up foam. Oh yes, FOAM. Like a dog with rabies. Sexy. It was at this point I called my doctor's office for some advice.

I should also point out that I ran out of my crazy pills on Monday and didn't have the money to pick them up until tonight. I then started to get annoyed at work, twitching eye annoyed...As soon as my husband called me to say hi, I lost it and started work. (Which also not fun for a fat girl...or any girl I would imagine.) This, of course, coupled with being hungry, in pain, coughing, and not medicated made my band tighten so much I could barely swallow water. So, I finally came to the decision that maybe, just maybe, my band was too tight (if not for real, at least with this stupid cold). My doctor's nurse finally called me back and I told her what was going on and she immediately said, "You are too tight. Can you come in tomorrow?"

So now, I have an appointment at 9 am with my PA to get some of this fluid taken out. I was pretty upset about it at first because I was so sure this would be my sweet spot. I was very naive in thinking I wouldn't ever be too full or need a slight unfill. I get to learn the hard way instead....awesome! Now, I am just waiting to see what is going to happen. I may, or may not have to do a barium swallow or something like that to check the band and the fluid going through it. I am really hoping this is mostly due to my sickness and stress and they only take 0.5-1 cc out. I really don't want to go all the way back down to where I was. I would feel like its a total waste of my PTO at work and I won't have my awesome TriCare insurance for much longer since Chris is getting out of the Guard soon...I want to be as close as I can to where I need to be as soon as possible. Hopefully, a small unfill will do the trick because I even tried to eat some frozen yogurt to help my swelling and I even got stuck on that... ON FREAKIN FROZEN YOGURT. About 2 hours ago I had some chicken and noodles broth (the thick kind with the noodles I didn't eat *grumble*) and some of Chris's cottage cheese...with no issues.

Yes, thank you band, for letting me know that you are fickle. I get it now. Punk.

I will update everyone tomorrow evening on my first UN-fill appointment! Until then!

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  1. Blegh! Sounds miserable :( Hope the un-fill helps and that they don't deflate you too much! Sounds like this is a real lesson in self control, too. Having to take those little, really well-chewed bites *all* the time... even when your stomach is eating itself.
    *Hugs* Good luck hun! I know you can do this :) Just remember: teeny tiny bites and chew, chew, chew...