Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lemonade out of lemons

Lots to talk about today!

Firstly, on the mental front, I am keeping steady. Lots of stress still surrounds me but I am dealing. I still miss my dog terribly but I do not cry every time I think about her anymore, so that's a plus. Hubby and I are slowly checking out shelters and rescues to see if another dog chooses us but we are in no hurry and don't plan to actually get another dog until we move (in the next month or so).

On Monday, I got my 3rd fill! (My Sissy took me this time and we had fun! She also enjoyed talking about poop with the nutritionist. This is not at all surprising if you know my sister.) I was very stoked about this because a week prior I was officially down 30 lbs! Then my body decided to stop pooing and I gained 3 more. The scale at the doctor's office said I had only lost 7 lbs in 6 weeks. She said that was okay, seeing as how it averages to a pound a week, but I cannot STAND how I will lose 5 pounds and gain 2-3 back. It's SO ANNOYING. Just get off and stay off weight! I talked with the nutritionist first and she didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know. I have been majorly sucking on drinking my water and taking my vitamins so I am trying to get back on that routine of downing more water and taking my multivitamins. (I think not taking my multivitamins is messing with my nails because they have been breaking so easily! Could also be that I need more good protein.) I also told her my portion sizes seemed to be almost back to NORMAL (bad!) without really affecting me. (As in, if I eat the 6-8 oz I'm supposed to I am literally still hungry.) So upstairs for my fill I went!

I saw the PA again. I talked to her about how my hunger was out of control and I was still not pooping regularly. She basically said to be more diligent with my MiraLAX and water and that should help a lot (which I already knew). So I laid on this not-meant-for-fills table and she numbed me up. It took her a few tries to find the 'entrance' to my port this time and I am actually a little bit bruised today but it wasn't super bad at the time because I was pretty numb. At my request, she put in 2 cc's of fluid. She also mentioned that normally they put in 4 cc's the first fill and she doesn't know why I didn't get that! WTF! I could have been SO much more far ahead by now! Oh well. Such is life. So now, I am at a total of 5.5 cc's in my 11 cc band. I feel like this is getting pretty darn close to where I need to be. I was on full liquids for 48 hours but I broke that about 3 hours early and had a baked potato for lunch. I ate pretty much the whole thing (minus the skin since I am still kind of healing) and was pretty full! This made me happy! I won't lie, I did eat a small cookie too :x (It was delicious!) I am only just now starting to get hungry but that is because I just worked out!

Per my title, my lemons would be the fact that my husband is not here tonight so I have NO CAR to get to the gym. I didn't work out Monday or Tuesday because I was so busy doing other things so I started feeling like a slacker and I NEEDED to work out. Then, I had an epiphany (lemonade). DUH ERIN, you have freakin' Biggest Loser DVDs you've never used! So, I did my Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD tonight! I only did the level 1 and it kicked my a good way. I was soaked in sweat (sexy!) so I know I got something accomplished. Now I have to get this bottle of water down and find me some protein for dinner!

Over and out little buddies.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, being so busy, I missed my support group meeting last night! (But I got to see my Dad instead!) I was a little bummed, but I will be there next month for sure!


  1. Sweat is sexy!! Woot! Keep on keepin' on! You are awesome, Erin! Love you <3

  2. Drink yo' water, woman! :P (Seriously, it's been ridiculously hot here lately and I've been downing water like a fish. I have not been very hungry because of that, I believe. So it must help!)
    Otherwise, great job! I'm ridiculously proud of you for being so diligent with working out. Keep up the masterful work and those pounds will shed in no time :) Love you!