Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fill #2!

So I FINALLY got my 2nd fill yesterday and it went smoothly. I saw the PA (physician's assistant) for the first time and she was very young and dressed very cutesy (and young) and at first I was almost like "Uh... are you even an employee of this place?" That's how young she looked! It took me a second to take her seriously. They also didn't let Chris go back this time. They said it is their policy to not let people go back with lapband patients because some of them pass out and/or get woosy and things when watching their loved ones get fills. Which was kind of lame because they let him go back last time and the doctor didn't even care but whatevs. Sadly, that means no video BUT I found a video on YouTube that shows pretty much what I go through for a fill (see video below)! Also, she used a much smaller device to do my fill than Dr. Diaz did. She just use a syringe with a just as fat but not as freakishly long needle. She still numbed me (thankfully) and she did it WAY faster. It was pretty nice actually. The numbing hurt less when she did it too, so it was good times all around. She put in 2 mL but took out 0.5 because I said I could feel the water I drank kind of pooling and going slow down the back of my throat and apparently that means I may be too full. (awesome thought, I know) Thanks to my fill, I was on liquids for the last 48 hours. It wasn't not as bad as last time though and I am taking that as a good sign! I'm really looking forward to seeing what my restriction is like now. I'm crossing my fingers that I'm getting closer to that "sweet spot" every bandster longs for!

I also saw the nutritionist yesterday and that went really well too. We talked about my eating habits and good foods that will keep me satisfied longer (see: not mushy pears, RF cheese sticks, dense meats, crunchy good-for-you things). She also said she felt if I started eating pears and grains with fiber that my pooping issues would pretty much end. (I hope she's right!) Did you know that pears have the most fiber out of any fruit? She did scald me (well, us really) and eating out too much, but we knew that already...I try to make good choices there but, she pointed out, you don't know how they cook your 'healthy' food. She also pointed out my favorite veggie (green beans) are too mushy and I should be eating crunchier veggies to keep me satisfied longer. I have also been doing fairly good at drinking my water but I am still only getting up to 50 oz a day so I need to try to increase that as well (which, I admit, is not happening yet). She was very informative and reassuring about my slow weight loss. Even after working out A LOT for 2 weeks before this appointment, I was still only at my 20-pound loss. She said I was right on track, but the PA said she would like to see if going a bit faster for a person my age.
On the work out front, I have been doing pretty awesome if I do say so myself. :) I have been working out for 2 full weeks - 4 days a week and this week so far, I have worked out 3 days and it's only Wednesday! I'm shooting for 5 days this week. That would be super! I have been alternating with 10 minutes of warm up cardio, then weight machine training on arms one day and then legs another, then another 10-15 minutes of cardio (I can't do more than that because my shoes SUCK and I need new ones that work for large amounts of walking! Walmart shoes are not cutting it anymore). After a couple more weeks, my trainer is going to show me some different work outs on the big kid machines to target different muscle groups. At risk of sounding like those people I couldn't stand, it's all pretty exciting when I think about it. I have found that working out is the thing I look forward to after work now. It's very strange to feel that way. (Especially since I don't feel like I am seeing results yet.) I never felt that way the first time I was working out/being healthy. I dreaded going and felt like it was a chore. Now, I feel like I NEED it and crave it. I cannot tell you how much of a stress reliever it is for me. It helps me completely forget about how stressed out I am right now (which I totally am but my medicine is definitely helping!). And as of last night, I am down another 3 pounds! I'm hoping this is my working out finally kicking in, but it might just be all poo. (I guess every oz counts right?)

Now, what you've all been waiting for! Pics and measurements! I added my old pics for comparison so the tie dye is my original and the gray shirt is today! (don't judge me, I just got done working out)

As for measurements these are the inches I have LOST since the beginning:
Arm 0.5
Waist 5 (!)
Hip 0.5
Thigh 7 (!!!)

I was pretty shocked by the thigh and waist but there you have it! You know where I lose my weight first. I did not add my chest because I don't think it is accurate (bra v.s sports bra). So I will do that one next time :)

Okay, heres the video! This is the BEST video I found that is pretty much exactly what my fills are like for me except I don't get a fancy bed that sits me up, I have to do that by myself. Enjoy!