Monday, June 20, 2011


I've had a few people asking about an here it is.

My poop (or lack of) situation is going alright. I am taking stool softeners until I get paid again and then I will switch to fiber. If that doesn't do the trick I will go for's hoping the cheaper option works!

My crazy is also going alright, but in all fairness, I haven't done much these past 2 weeks to test it. My husband has been gone for the last week and will be gone all of this week for AT (advanced training aka that 2 weeks in the summer business that the National Guard does) so I haven't had him around to test my level of annoyance (love you honey!) and I also haven't had a car to go anywhere or spend money. So I suppose it's both good and bad to not have a car right now (or a husband).

I have been eating very well, if I do say so myself. I eat one scrambled egg with cheese (and new this week - with turkey sausage crumbles!) for breakfast. I take my morning meds. When I get to work I take my multivitamins (which I forgot ALL WEEKEND because I suck and forget everything on the weekends, especially when my hubby isn't here to remind me). If I get hungry before lunch (which I pretty much always do) I eat all or half of one of my protein bars. Before lunch I eat one calcium chew (and another a few hours later to get the 1000 mg). Then at lunch I eat 2 lunchmeat/RF colby cheese roll-ups, a wedge of light Laughing Cow (omgyummy) cheese with some low fat wheat thins, and I am now adding in a fruit cup or applesauce or eventually - carrots. This is what I eat EVERY DAY for breakfast and lunch. I'm not tired of it yet, but the lunch does NOT hold me over. So, usually before 4 pm I am eating the rest of my protein bar.

Dinner last week consisted of 1/4 lb turkey burgers with no buns with green beans and this weekend I made some chicken breast with AMAZING cajun marinade with green beans and some wild rice (oh wild rice, how I've missed you!) I actually just had the rest of that for dinner today and it was still amazing. The chicken breast I usually only eat 3/4 of...which is probably about 4-5 oz (the size of a kind of fat deck of cards). So I think I am doing pretty good on the portion sizes.

Unfortunately, this also means I am never full, usually at least no longer starving but always hungry a few hours later. It SUCKS. I can't wait until my next check up with Dr. Diaz to get more fluid in this band to help with the hunger. Don't get me wrong, I know that I am not supposed to be FULL every time I eat, but you have to remember I am a fat kid, and for a fat kid to feel satisfied they have to be FULL. I am slowly learning this is not the case, but mind over matter is a slow process. I did eat at Panera yesterday afternoon with some friends (as payment for helping them move - yay exercise!) and I was pretty full. Not full to the point of "omgPUKE" but full to the point of "I probably should not have had that delicious hunk of bread." BUT I felt like I should eat it now while I still can enjoy it just in case I am one of those people that cannot eat bread after I get more of a fill. Other than that yummy hunk of bread, I had half of a sandwich and a Caesar side salad. Not the healthiest thing I could have gotten, but it was delicious and I don't regret it at all!

As for my weight loss....I am currently down 21 lbs. Now, I know I forgot to tell everyone when I was down 20 lbs but I was at 20 lbs a week and a half ago. Then my lady time started and I was fluctuating between 1-2 lbs since then...but as of just now I am FINALLY down another pound! (I will have to attribute that to the pooping I did today..haha YAY for TMI) I am slightly disgruntled about my stalled weight loss but I am trying to think positively that it is another pound gone and next week I will start at the gym...and I will kick some major booty at it. (Yay for positive thinking!)

I think that all I got for today...have a good night!


  1. Yey moving! Have you not been taking Roxy on walks while Chris has been gone? That's exercise, too :P Maybe some more veggies in the diet would help with the weight loss and pooping thing, too... are you allowed to do that yet?
    Anyway, keep up the good work, madame!! Get pumped about the gym! You're gonna rock it!!

  2. Hey,
    Sounds like you're doing great. I hear ya about the full thing... But its so important to stop before you get there. I know, its hard. Its the hardest thing for me actually. My eyes still want to eat my old portions. Have you tried goat yogurt? I'm not sure where you live but here in South Western Ontario 'Presidents Choice' makes a great fat free Goat Yogurt. 19(!!!) Grams of protien in 3/4 cup. Add some honey or jam and its yummy. A little bitter when you first try it but I got used to it and like it now. Even adding the Jam or honey is less sugar than fruit based yogurt and the protien holds the hungry's away for a long time. I have this when I'm hungry after dinner... My weekness... Anyway, glad to hear your doing well! Yay 20lbs!!

  3. Oh wow! Thanks Meillyn! I have not heard of goat yogurt but I will definitely look into it! Thanks for the info!!!