Monday, June 13, 2011

Take the bad with the good.

So, it's been while! That is my fault. I thought today I should talk about some of the not-so-awesome things that are going on with my band. Obviously, it's nothing serious - it's just things I've come to notice. Please heed this as a warning, some of this will be kind of (maybe) gross and TMI, but this blog is about being real and honest, so that is what I am going to do.

First, I want to talk about poop. Yes, poop...or lack of really. When you don't eat a lot, you don't poo a lot. Long story short, I am kind of constipated. It sucks. I started taking a stool softener and it has been helping but I still don't feel ... satisfied? Either way, I will be adding FIBER into my diet as soon as I get paid and go back to the grocery store.

Secondly, I want to talk about what I lovingly call 'the crazies'. Now, before my surgery (more like 2-3 years ago I think) I was on antidepressants for anxiety and a bit of depression. I stopped taking it after a few months because I wasn't sure if it was working and I didn't like some of the side effects. I still have issues with anxiety and it seems to have come back more so since my surgery (I think, I really can't tell). It started with my husband mentioning to me that I had been more easily agitated and snide. I honestly didn't notice it. He brought it up again a few days later and the next day, I snapped. My shower head was slowly turning to one side and it was seriously pissing me off. So much so that I had a small panic attack in the shower and almost ripped the stupid thing off the wall. Once I was out of the shower I was feeling very nauseous and anxious. I was very, very close to throwing up...and that scared me. As most of you probably know, throwing up with the band is not a good thing. It can cause slippage of the hand and other irritations. So, I took my anti-nausea medicine as soon as I could stand and went slowly on my way. That afternoon, I made an appointment with my primary doctor to get back on some antidepressants.

The next morning, I went to the doctor, told her my problems and why I needed to avoid anxiety attacks at all costs, and she prescribed me new, different antidepressants. (If you want to know what it is leave me a message, email, or comment and I will share.) I have only been taking it for 5 days so I can't tell you how well they are working yet, but I will keep everyone updated on my mental health as time goes on.

Other than that, everything else is pretty chill. I started eating pasta last weekend but I think I am going to start avoiding it again...thanks to pasta being back in my life I have not lost any more weight (I'm attributing some of it to my constipation as well)! Well, I haven't weighed myself today and I don't plan on it either. I'm trying very hard to not to weigh myself more than once a week until I get on a steady exercise routine...which will be happening as soon as Chris gets back from AT and I go sign up at the gym he is a member of. He is very excited about us working out together and I hope it stays that way!

I think that's about all I have today. I am overhauling my diet these next 2 weeks while my husband is gone and trying to get back to my minimum portion sizes. I desperately do not want to get used to eating too much (even though it's still not A LOT by normal standards). I also have been slacking on my protein (although I do make SMOOTHIES now and they are awesome!) and my water fluctuates as usual. I have been adding 0 calorie flavor to it lately to try to drink it more/faster. It helps sometimes...

Until next time!


  1. Sustenex girl. It's a once-a-day probiotic supplement that *works*. Plus, it's the cheapest out there ($15 for 30 days-ish), besides yogurt. I've had great success with it!


  2. Oh and you snapping at the shower head made me LOL. I know anxiety is nothing to sneeze at (hello!), but sometimes it happens at the silliest of times. I'm glad you're working towards a healthier you in all aspects. :]

  3. what you're describing doesn't sound like anxiety...sounds more like hormone fluctuations and/or high blood pressure!

  4. have you been checked for PCOS?

  5. Jamie! It could definitely also be hormones since mine are all going nuts right now with the surgery. I have been checked for PCOS but I have no cysts so I guess that ruled it out, lol.

    Augusta - I am also considering that! I will probably try fiber first b/c its cheaper, lol. Love yous! I knew SOMEONE (you) would get a kick out of my meltdown.

  6. It is true.. your meltdown chose the best possible moment. That poor defenseless shower head would not have stood a chance!! It could have been somebody's mother, you know... lolz ;)

    I'm with Gussy on this one - if the fiber doesn't work, try a probiotic. The yogurt you could even put into your protein shakes, I bet! I don't know that Activia is any different from any other yogurt - but it's the only one that advertises that it will help you poop. Which is *really* funny if you think about it.

    Other than that - proud of you girl! Lova ya :)

  7. I am SOOO glad you talked about poop! I was going to ask! hah :] So that totally sucks that you aren't pooing. Let us know how adding fiber goes. Fiber will also keep you full. Are you allowed to have oatmeal? I miss you!! You are doing great! It's so awesome that you and Chris will be working out together. That will definitely help the numbers on the scale go down! Keep up the good work! xoxo

  8. Hey there... Stumbled upon your blog and funny, I had my surgery May 4th and also have experienced the 'lack of' poop issue. I have been drinking Crystal light with benefiber (sp?) It kills 2 birds with one stone.
    Hope that helps you out :)


  9. Thanks!! I will have to try that out when I go to the grocery store this weekend!