Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gettin' physical

So my friends...I have FINALLY started to work out! But first, I am going to back up a little bit. Last week and the beginning of this week (so Monday, really) I was pretty much feeling like a big fat failure (pun intended). I am stuck at this stupid 20-pound weight loss and have been for 3 WEEKS! W.T.F. Obviously, I need another fill (which isn't until July 11) because I am hungry by 1-2 hours after I eat. That's not helping the weight loss. I believe my other problem is that my walking at lunch just isn't cutting it any more. I was feeling really terrible but constantly tried to remind myself that other people are noticing a difference and once I get a fill and start working out everything will be fine. Everyone loses weight at different speeds and a lot of people have multiple plateaus throughout their journey (although, I was hoping that would not be the case for me). I just feel like time is slipping away from me so fast and I am not keeping up how I wanted/imagined.

So, yesterday Chris and I went to Anytime Fitness and I signed my fatass up for a gym! I was totally excited and ready to do this! (Let's do this! I'm a cashew! ... Sorry, Dane Cook reference. Carry on.) After I signed up and got my stupid picture taken I changed and got started. The guy who runs the place, Dennis, started me on the treadmill for 10 minutes to warm up. Then I went to this row of 6 machines that were all for arm workouts. I did 3 sets of 10 on all of them at specific weights. He showed me how to correctly do them all and helped me chose the best weight for my body. There is also an ab machine...thingy. Then after that I did 20 more minutes of cardio (a steady fast pace on the treadmill).

Today, I did the same cardio before and after, but this time I did the 'leg' row along with the ab machine...thingy. So far, I am not in a TON of pain but my arms are kind of jelly-like from yesterday and I KNOW my legs will be the same way tomorrow. YAY FOR WORKOUTS. Chris and I plan on trying to do this EVERY DAY (or at the least, 5 times a week). I also got a lovely lecture from my husband on not getting in my water, so to PROVE to him that I can do it, I drank my ENTIRE 33 oz bottle of water after/during my workout! Now, keep in mind I usually struggle to finish ONE of those while at work. Today I had a 17 oz bottle of water at work and that after my workout. This is the most water I have had since I can remember! (Speaking of water, I totally have to pee for the 4th time tonight).

I really want to make more progress in my weight loss before I go see Dr. Diaz for my next fill. He was so confident that I would rock this lap band that I don't want to disappoint him. Obviously, he will realize/know I need another fill but I want to be able to say "I have been working out for 2 weeks straight and lost X amount of weight! YAY ME!" So hopefully, I will be able to do that. I will also be asking him if I can record my fill so all of you lovely people can see what it's like!

I do plan on taking and posting some pics soon...The ones Chris took for my one month were just not the same distance away and you couldn't tell a difference and we never took more, so yeah. Next time will be more even! I also need to retake my measurements next week... Scary! I did that last month but they were off and I think it's because my friend did it instead of Chris. I need to remember to be consistent when I volunteer people to measure my body parts. (heh) I put all of this info on the Realize Band website...which I have not been on in quite a while! However, that is because my work computer and my home computer cannot be on at the same time (well, they could but why waste the electricity?) and my work computer is on more than my home computer. I also cannot get on that website on this silly little NetBook I am using now because the screen is too small! Oh well. I only plan on using it now for my weight, pics, and measurements. I have given up on the food diary for now because it got to be a chore putting it all in on the website. I did like the counting calories part, but I think I will just keep doing that on paper instead of on the computer. I like to do things old school from time to time.

...and I'm rambling again. I feel like I had something more insightful to say, but of course I can't remember now. Maybe you'll get a 2-fer later tonight! (But probably not)


Oh, I totally remember what I was wanting to talk about now! So, I was at the gym today and I saw this girl who had obviously (at least I hope) just had a baby ("When's that ba-Aby due?" "What baby" "Ooh no." Sorry! Brian Regan that time.) and all I could do was think, "Man, I wish my thighs were that small!" Then it dawned on me that no matter what size you are, there is always someone that wishes that they had your body. How weird is that to think? As much as we scrutinize ourselves, there will always be some random person that wishes they were your size/shape/color/etc. It really was a mind-boggling epiphany for me. It's actually something I never even thought of at my smallest weight...which is silly to think that when I was a freakin' size 16 I didn't think anyone was jealous of me. Hell, I'm jealous of that me! Anyway, enough dwelling on the past.


  1. w00ts! Yey for exercise!! Keep up the good work :) And plateaus suck.. but since you've changed your routine a bit, that should help. Exercising ALWAYS helps you consume more water, too - so hopefully you'll start making your water quotas. This 20lb plateau will soon be a thing of the past. You'll see ;)
    Love you!!! Looking forward to more posts :)

  2. Oh! Poop! I totally forgot to mention - YES. What a great realization to have! No one is ever 100% satisfied with their bodies. Even if they seem like they are. Someone is always envious of you, too. Even when you feel like you look like crud at the gym and only half-ass things because you feel like poo.. you're someone's inspiration for just sticking with it! Hold on to that tidbit. It's a good one :)