Friday, June 3, 2011

1-month checkup

Hello all!

I had my one-month checkup yesterday and it went great! We got there about an hour early (shocker...not) and thankfully, the dietitian wasn't busy so she saw me early! Their scale said I lost 15 pounds instead of 16 but that's okay. I'll stick with my scale :) We talked about what I was eating, how much, and what I could and could not eat. Basically, she said it was okay that I was eating 4-6 oz already because if that's what I need to do to stay full, then that's what I need to do. She also said I should start eating protein bars instead the shakes to help keep me full longer (which I totally agree, even though I just bought a whole new JUG of protein mix...I bought fruit to go with it though, so it can be more like a protein smoothie ^_^ OH AND, I get to start eating SALAD!!! I'm SO EXCITED! I have wanted salad since I got this surgery and I cannot wait to go salad crazy! Because lettuce breaks down so small, she said I could eat a normal sized side salad and still be within my 4-6 oz (this includes protein on the salad). YAY SALAD.

After the dietitian appointment, we went upstairs to my appointment with the surgeon. We got back to the room fairly quickly and Dr. Diaz was in there in probably less than 5 minutes! It was amazing, lol. We talked about how I was healing and feeling in general and about my hunger. We both thought a fill would be a good idea since I was still getting hungry between meals and I did not want to risk eating more food and getting too comfortable with larger portions again. So, I got my first fill! YAY!

Let me tell you, that was one of the weirdest experiences of my life! I laid on the table...thing and he pushed around (hard) on my stomach to locate my port. When he thought he found the middle, he numbed the area (ouchies) and pulled out this SUPER LONG, BIG NEEDLE (seriously, it was at least 6-7 inches long) and starting poking around my port. I could feel him hitting the port because it would give a little and I could feel it pull on my muscle. Well, turns out he was up too high and had the top of the port, so he set the giant needle of doom down and started pressing on my stomach some more. Once he found the right spot he numbed it again (worst part of this whole thing) and then went to town with the giant needle. He found the port opening and slowly put the saline into my band. He put it in and took the solution out a few times to get the air bubbles out and once it really started to get in there I could feel it tightening! It was such a crazy feeling - I don't even know if I could explain it! It's literally like if your stomach tightens when you are anxious, but not as severely. (I feel like I should point out that he marked where my port was on his paperwork so he doesn't always have to poke and prod me.) EDIT: I got 2 cc's put in my 11 cc band yesterday! Forgot to mention that!

So, thanks to my fill (yay) I am on a 48-hour liquid diet (boo)! I have been doing okay, but it still sucks as bad as it did when I was recovering. Thankfully, it's only until tomorrow afternoon and then I am going to get a SALAD!!! So excited! I'm thinking chef salad from Pizza King...yummy!

He also released me to exercise! So, starting sometime soon, I will be getting onto Chris's membership at Anytime Fitness and we are going to start working out together! I can't wait to get started and to see how much faster the weight comes off! w00t!


  1. w00ts!! Salad and exercise!! :D Though I do have to point out that your first salad is coming from Pizza King - which makes it sound like it will be chock full of terrible things or deep fried or something. But yey! Salad! Real food! You can make chopped salads at home, which are super easy and easier to eat. Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution site, I believe, is where I got my recipes for them. And yey fill! I hope it helps!! :D

  2. Alex! Pizza King chef salad has ham and eggs on it...other than that it is just a salad :p It's probably the healthiest, if not the only healthy thing they have on there. AND I will not eat the croutons (even if they are delicious!) or the breadsticks...which are also delicious. I'm also toying with just getting a make-your-own salad from Marsh...If I can find a ride there!