Monday, May 9, 2011

Work, day 1

Well, today was my first day back to work after my surgery. I am 5 days post-op feeling relatively alright - pain wise. My highlights from work (not including 4 days of crap to catch up on) consisted of telling about a million people how I was, how the surgery went, and how I am feeling now. Sitting in the chair at work was pretty uncomfortable with my stomach binder on as I drank my protein shake this morning so I took it off fairly quickly. It felt better, but not great. I am starting to try to have it off for a while now and only use it when I am in the car, walking, or sleeping. My chair and desk are not very kind to stomach stitches, but I will live I think.

My biggest issue right now is I am STARVING. My first few days I was alright with hunger because I was still swollen but now that I am not, I am constantly hungry and I am definitely in what lap bandsters call "Bandster Hell". It is hell. I am not just kind of hungry, I am hungry to point that I burst into tears yesterday because my mom's neighbors were cooking out and I smelled it and when I came home all I could eat were mashed potatoes and a stupid protein shake. Ugh. Chris is helping me, as much as he can at least, deal with my hunger/emotional issues but I know it is just something I have to endure. I will not cheat. I will not cheat. I will not cheat. I have no desire to cheat on my diet actually. I am too afraid to mess something in there up. I know that I am on this diet for healing purposes and I am trying my best to remind myself of that.

I get to start 'mushies' in 2 days and I already have my first 2 meals planned. (Tuna salad with boiled egg, crackers, and green beans! this is over the course of 2 meals.) Mushies are basically anything that is easily digestible and well cooked. The kicker for me is, I can only eat 2 oz of food per meal (the same as right now, hence STARVING.) In between meals I have to get in my 20 oz protein shake (I drank this all at once this morning over 2 hours and it was too much I think. I will probably spread it out half and half tomorrow in the morning and after lunch. Here's hoping it helps with hunger too!), and on top of that I need to drink 2 bottles of water and 8 more oz of another liquid to get all my liquids in for a day (64 oz). AND on top of all that I am still taking my yucky stomach-healing medicine 1 hr before each meal and before bed. (And when I say yucky I mean 'strawberry' flavored chalk-water.) Along with liquid calcium in the morning (it's great if you like orange creamcicles, but I don't -FAIL) and then 2 hours later I get to take my 2 chewable Flintstones vitamins.

Thankfully, I am still writing down EVERYTHING I do or eat so I can keep track of it all. I am also keeping track of when I use my IS (and the AVG volume) and how much I walk after meals (with my pedometer). Today I walked for about 10 mins after breakfast which was a little over 1/2 a mile and then for lunch I walked about 1.5 miles around the perimeter of the hospital parking lot. (It was beautiful today!) And for after dinner, Chris and I went to the grocery store to get him some food to eat while I was doing my own thing.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "You went to the store while starving? Are you stupid?" And my answer to that is it was my choice to go and yes, I am STUPID. Even though I had already eaten my mashed potatoes (which I am going to mix up tomorrow because I am getting tired of them) I was walking around the grocery store like a sad puppy. It. was. terrible. I didn't cry thankfully, but I could have. Oh, I could have. I just kept reminding myself that I get some awesome tuna salad in 2 days and it will be AMAZING.

And now, I must be off make my protein shake for tomorrow (with pudding for extra thickness!) and to find something for my lunch at work! (Greek yogurt? Cream of chicken soup? Potato soup? Oh the possibilities! -_- )


  1. Oh, man... it does sound like hell. :( But your stomach, I'm sure, is thanking you for staying on top of your liquidy diet! You are the little engine that can, my friend. Soon this hell will be just a memory!!

  2. You are strong, and you will heal!! <3 Also, how many meals do you get each day?? How many steps are you getting on your pedometer?

  3. Amanda - I get 3 meals a day with broth or jell-o for snacks. Not including my protein shakes that I have to drink and any other fluids I need to get me to 64 oz a day. My steps vary a lot. Like yesterday I walked a mile and a half at lunch and today I only got half a mile because I was super busy and walked in the hospital instead of outside (because I didn't want to be all sweaty at work). I will be updating my blog in a bit with more info :)