Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello all!

I have now been home for 25 hours. I woke up in a good amount of pain (because my last pain pill was about 8 hours ago) and could NOT get comfortable. So, I ended up getting up at 7:30 am...ugh. I also had to pee once in the middle of the night and take nausea medicine and that wasn't very fun either. So here is the rundown of my day:

7:30 - Take pain meds, take liquid meds for healing the stomach (I have to take this 1 hour before every meal and once before bedtime), take chewable vitamins, take nexium, take temperature, pee AGAIN. If you are wondering why I took my temperature last night we are supposed to monitor it for the first week after surgery and if it gets to 101.5 I have to go to the ER. I'm guess that could mean infection...which is, of course, bad.

I walked around the house a bit to get some circulation and an hour later got to eat! Oh, I also took some Gas-X because I was soooo bloated. For breakfast I had 2 oz of Instant Cream of Wheat. I couldn't even finish it though! I'm not sure if it was from the bloating, or the pain, or if I was actually full. So I really only ate about 1 oz of my Cream of Wheat (which wasn't too bad consider I had never eaten it before). After eating, I had to walk around the house again for 8-10 minutes and Chris is NOT letting slack off on that at all.

Speaking of Chris, he has been so amazing taking care of me! He brings me my meds when I need them, he helps me get out of bed and up off the couch. I don't know what I would have done without him today! I love him! And on top of taking care of me, he is giving Roxie her meds too (we took her to the vet on Monday and she was having an allergic reaction to some FLEAS (poor thing) and she had a slight ear infection.

I practiced my incentive spirometer (IS) a few times this morning and that is not going so hot. You have to breath in as deep as you can for as long as you can and make this little thingy go up on the IS. When I first started this thing on my pre-op diet I could get it up to 2400 mL and now I can rarely get it over 1500. I am going to try to do it more than recommended to get my lung capacity back up. Two hours after lunch, I drank my calcium supplement (1000 mg). We got kind of bored after that so we went to Best Buy so I could walk around a little and get rid of some of this stupid gas pain!

For lunch I had some delicious strained cream of potato soup! (2.5 oz) I ate it a little too fast, but because it is liquid I don't think I'll get into too much trouble. Although I did hiccup once and that SUCKED! Definitely do not want to do that anymore.

Shortly after lunch, we went to the PX in Lawrence to try to find a poncho for Chris but with no luck. I got to walk around a lot there too and it felt good! Walking somewhere other than the house is much more effective. Once we got home and a little bit after I had some chicken broth from Thai Smile and sadly it tasted differently than it used to. I don't know if it was because it was just the broth, or I didn't get to eat the chicken, or because my tastes are changing already! (For those of you that aren't aware, a lot of bandsters and other people that get WLS have a total change in palate.) After the 2 oz of broth I felt I needed something a bit thicker so I had another 2 oz of potato soup. It's more than I was supposed to eat but I don't think 2 oz will tip the scales too much. :) Oh and NOW I am getting super itchy under my binder! I may put a pillowcase in between me and the binder like they suggested if I can find an extra, clean one.

I have been keeping track of everything I do all day, even counting my steps with a pedometer. I may have to get something a big bigger than the small notebook I have but this will do fine for now. I may even get super dorky and make some spreadsheets to keep track of everything! Now....if I could just get these TED hose off! They are driving me kind of nuts! Although, I really don't think I'm reading to take off the binding!

I am going to attempt a shower tonight and tomorrow I will TRY to type a little for work! It will be nice to make up some hours if I can. Even if it's only a few hours it's better than not making up any of them. Oh, also I jumped on the scale today out of sheer curiosity and I am actually UP by about 2 pounds. I'm sure that is water weight from the hospital and I can't WAIT until I get rid of it and move on to mushie foods! I keep looking at the recipes that people make in this phase and it has me really excited to do on a tiny meal cooking spree! I have some perfect-sized small little Tupperware cups to bring my food to work in too! They are 4 oz containers so I know if I fill them up half way I have 2 oz! YAY for small containers!

Well Chris is telling me it's time to walk around since I just ate a bit ago, so off I go to walk/wander around the house for a bit!

<3 erin


  1. WTH are TED hose? What is your binding/binder? I'm trying to imagine these 2oz meals.. Sorry to hear you're itchy! I *hate* that feeling... but it should soon pass. :) Yey for Chris! Tell him we're all thankful for his taking good care of you and keeping you on track with your walking. :)

  2. TED hose are tight stocking things that help with circulation in your legs (to prevent blood clots) and the binder thing is a big elastic band that Velcro's around my midsection to keep the incisions from getting irritated or moving around when I move. :)

    2 oz meals are crazy small! Once I start eating them though, I feel like its not as small as I thought it was. Does that make sense?