Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can you see my butt??

Yay for hospital gowns! I am currently sitting in my hospital bed at St. Vincent's Carmel. Mom is chillin' with me and Chris is at home (hopefully) studying for his 2 finals tomorrow. Surgery went excellently. I wasn't even nervous getting hooked up to things in the OR! But I'm getting ahead of myself....

So. Chris and I got here at 9:3o am and got to the surgery entrance. As soon as we got in there a nice violunteer told us what was going to happen and gave Chris a vibrating thingy (think restaurant buzzer) and then they sent me back to the pre-op area. They took my height and weight and brought me to a room where I signed some consent forms, peed in a cup (again), changed into awesome hotel gowns (I took 2 so I could cover my bum) and I got my IV started. After all that Chris got to comeback and we watched some TV before I made him go eat. I thought we wouldn't be doing anything anyway...well I was wrong. Shortly after he left Dr. Diaz (my surgeon) came in and talked to me a bit and answered my questions (I asked what kind of band I was getting and he is giving m ea 12 cc Realize Band), and he told me I was the type of person that succeeded the most with the band because I was well-educated on it and very motivated! :) THEN the Chaplin came in and we said a little prayer. A bit after he left Chris came back and we watched more and more TV and nodded off a bit until FINALLY they came back to get me around 1-1:30 (I really can't remember).

They walked me back to the OR and I still wasn't nervous! We were talking about my hair the whole way there. Well once I layed down in there and was gently strapped in, I started to feel WHOA FUNNY. They gave me meds already! Well, the next thing I remember is them waking me up in recovery. I was WAY tired and I was having trouble breathing in due to pain. Once they gave me some meds though I was better, just really sleepy. Finally, they wheeled my upstairs and into my room where Chris and my mom were waiting. It was nice to see their faces.A while after that Chris's mom came to visit and chat too. So since then I have been sleeping off and on every hour or 2 and walking every 2 hours. I just got back in my room at 4 so I have only walked twice. I walked one lap the first time and 2 the last. If I can get more sleep, I may go for 3 next time (I know, I'm a total overachiever.) So now I'm just chillin with my Moms! I'm not really in a lot of pain. I got some pain meds before I got up to walk and I really just feel full...which I guess I am, haha.

Well, there you have play by play of my day so far. I think I'm gonna go back to sleep now :)


  1. Yey!! You did it!! Sounds like it was a quick procedure :) Hope the walking is going well!

  2. They made you say a little prayer?! WhaaaaT?

  3. They did not make me. They asked and I figured it couldn't hurt :)