Tuesday, May 3, 2011

15 hours...oh my!

15 hours to go people!!! It's not sinking in yet, but I'm sure it will as soon as I try to go to sleep. I am all packed (except for the few things I have to wait til tomorrow to pack), Roxie is at her aunt Adrienne's house (I miss her already!), my snake has water (yes, I have a snake...his name is Solomon!), my laptop is charged and packed, folded and put away all my clean clothes (since I won't be doing a lot of bending after tomorrow for a while), had Chris take some 'before' pics, AND I am completely exhausted! After I finish this post I have to shower with antibacterial bar soap and I am soooo NOT looking forward to it! It is going to totally dry me out like no other. THEN I have to do it again in the morning! Gwarg! (This is so I am extra clean for the procedure). I also had my 'last supper' at Johnny Carinos. I didn't go all out...I had a chicken Caesar salad and bread pudding...because wow, I freakin' love JC's bread pudding!

I guess I don't really feel any of those fears a lot of people do...at least not yet. There have been a few fleeting scary thoughts in my head, but I try to ignore them. Chris is nervous enough for the both of us, I think. I have all of my full liquid foods ready and Chris is ready to suffer right along with me after the surgery! Thankfully, I was able to get a computer from work so if I am released to at least sit and type, I can do that from home this weekend as to not lose TOO many hours from work. YAY for work you can do at home!

Alright...now for the BEFORE pics. Keep in mind, I am exhausted, tired, and need a shower in this pics (taken just tonight) and I, in no way, like them. But, they are real and they are not going to be me much longer, so I'm okay with posting them. Also, they are clothed because I am not as brave as some people that can post themselves in their undies because well....just no.

Why are side views so unflattering? Ugh.

Yay for my favorite tie dye!

Alright people. I have my laptop. I will probably get bored after surgery and post from my room after surgery so everyone knows I'm alive. Until then...wish me luck and good night!!!


  1. Luck!!! I will be thinking of you *all day*... even though my day has started well before yours. Chris and I are in the same boat - we'll be nervous for you ^.^ Love you so much!! Take luck and good care! :)

  2. Love you!!! <3 Hope you are doing well!! xoxo