Friday, April 22, 2011

Pre-op fun!

Alrighty kids! Wanna hear about my pre-op fun from the last 2 days? You got it!!

Thursday was my pre-op class. My mom went with me (bless her) because Chris had class that morning. We left the house at 7am in order to get to the hospital by 8:30 (keep in mind it only takes 45 minutes to get to Carmel from Muncie, but it was morning rush hour and yeah, it sucks that badly). We made it there by 8:15 and I was the first person to sign in...score! I filled out MORE awesome paperwork and did a questionnaire thingy and we waited...and watched people show up and then they took my weight and my picture (yikes! Totally wasn't expecting that! Yay for always getting my pics taken in tiedyes, lol)....then we waited some more...and some more. We FINALLY went upstairs at around 9:30ish. There were about 8 of us in the class total. All women.

At the very start of the class we were informed the class would NOT be until 4:30 (YAY) and would hopefully be done by lunch! (Double score!) First we went over the importance of protein and vitamins and getting in your liquids. Then we talked about the importance of walking, walking, walking! I will be up and walking within 2 hours of my surgery and every 1-2 hours after that for the first 2 weeks of my surgery. The main reason for this in the beginning is to prevent blot clots in my legs. It is also the only form of exercise I can do until I am released from the doctor to do something more strenuous. (Which will likely not be until I go back for my 1-month check-up.) After we talked about walking we went over the food phases for after surgery. They also included a grocery list in our little binder of information. I was very happy about this! After going over food we talked about the actual surgery day process from when we got there to when we would go home (VERY helpful). This is where I learned something truly AWESOME. I do not have to do any kind of pre-op diet! (For those of you that aren't familiar with WLS surgery, many doctors require 1-2 weeks of a liquid diet to help the patient shrink their liver. This is mandatory for the more complicated procedures but not also so for LapBand.) I was pleasantly surprised by this, but I do NOT plan on going all out of my last week of eating before the band. The day before surgery I will eat light and probably just do liquids for dinner. Then I can't eat or drink anything until after my surgery. We also went over medication instructions, types of vitamins and supplements, protein powders, and some other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting. Once they (the dietitian and the nurse) finished all they had to say we asked some questions and I went to Dr. Diaz's actual office to talk about FMLA stuff and ask a few questions. By the time we were done, it was only 11:30am! I was soooo glad (and so was my mom)! So my mom went home and Chris showed up shortly after.

After Chris picked me up, we went to the dealership where we got my car and had it checked over and got it an oil change in anticipation of our May trip to KY for my friend Alex's wedding (which I am in!) We borrowed his mom's car and went to eat lunch and then hung out at the dealership for a bit until our car was done. Once it was done, we drove around Indy for 2 HOURS in evening rush hour trying to get across town to see his dad and his super awesome (ex) step mom. So not fun (the traffic I mean). So we hung out with them, ate dinner with Chris's mom and I happily went to bed at 10pm.

This day (today) started at 6 am. Um, yuck. After a sleepless and uncomfortable night, we headed back to the hospital and got there at around 7:15 (had to be there by 7:45). I am always early, just so ya know. And since I've been married, I am always REALLY early, lol. I checked in and waited a bit to get called back. Chris ran down and got something to eat (lucky!) beforehand. Once they called me back I got to give blood and pee in a cup. YAY for giving blood at 8am! After that we got taken to another part of the hospital for the rest of my testing.

First up, was the dreaded upper GI test and chest x-ray. They did the chest x-ray and then I got to drink the EVIL fuzzy pop rocks and amazingly gross barium solution (think of a room temperature, super thick, chalky, practically tasteless milkshake. It took all I had to not puke it up, for realz. Then I got to lay and roll around on a creepy 'bed' while Chris giddily watched my insides on the screen. He especially liked watching the computer while I drank the colder, thinner, still not tasty second cup of barium yuck. Once that was over I drank some water (sweet relief!) and got ushered to the waiting area yet again. After about 3 minutes I was called back to do my EKG and PFT (pulmonary function test). I very nice lady (a respiratory therapist) did these 2 tests and showed me how to use my incentive spirometer (IS). This is a plastic thingy that you use to help expand and exercise your lungs. It helps prevent pneumonia after surgery. I have to start practicing with it now, 10 times in a row a few times a day and likewise after surgery and for 2 weeks after I get home. After that, Chris was brought back to join me and we started our meeting with the surgical nurse. She basically just went over the process we will do on surgery day and asked me MORE questions about my medical history. She was also very nice. After that meeting we were done and sent on our way! This was all over by around 9:45! I was shocked how fast and smoothly everything went! It was great!

After this we got on the road, got some food, picked up Roxie (my dog) from my sister's house, and then I went home and changed and went to work. (Ugh) I got a 5 Hour energy shot to hold me over and went to work from about 12-5. Longest. Day. Ever!

So there you have it, my last 2 days in a nutshell. My surgery is in T-minus 12 days! I am so excited and so ready! After researching this surgery since 2008, I feel like this is SUCH a long-time coming. Chris will get to come with me to my surgery! YAY!!! He took his morning final already so he can be with me :) He will have to go back later that evening for his night class final and his final on Thursday, but I am glad he will be there when I go in and when I wake up. My mom is going to come down in my surgery day too and probably take me home on Thursday. I luff her!

Ok people, I'm outta here! Happy Good Friday, Earth Day, and Easter!


  1. w00ts!! Super happy for you! I can't believe it's only in 12 days... How exciting :) Take care of yourself, chica! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. 1 week to go! Let the count down begin!