Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fat girl...little booth

So, after reading a few blogs, and since I'm (hopefully) close to getting a band date, I've decided to make "things I'm looking forward to" list, these will probably all be NSV (non-scale victories). A lot of WLS (weight loss surgery) bloggers do it and I think it would be a good idea for me to follow suit. So, here it goes. (These are in no particular order and not even close to everything I am excited about being able to do.) I can't think of what to call this list yet, so it will just be a lonely list for right now. Feel free to make suggestions :)

1. Not worry about if I am going to fit in booths at restaurants (per my blog title)
2. To shop at regular (and affordable) clothing stores
3. To feel comfortable in my own skin again and around other people
4. To not worry what other people think of me when I meet them for the first time
5. To walk with my dog and be able to keep up
6. To swim
7. To not be so concerned about food and wonder if people are watching me eat
8. To exercise without hurting for the wrong reasons
9. To not be so miserable when it's hot(!!)
10. To wear heels, at least for special occasions

That's all I have so far. There are, of course, many others but they are more personal and I don't wish to share them. Some these things my seem simple, or even sad, but they are all true. When I was at my smallest, I was already experiencing almost all of these things. I can't wait to experience them again and feel normal! While I will probably always feel like the fat girl (if only on the inside) and talk about myself as such, I know I won't feel like I do now and I will be a much happier, care free, less anxious person.

C'mon band date!!! I hope to get a phone call on Monday to schedule my appointment. Right now, they are still scheduling for late April/early May. Here's hoping it will still be that way when they call me!


  1. I think this list is really insightful. It's Monday now.. so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! C'mon phone call!

  2. Oh I am hoping you get a call soon!! I am with you on each of these of mine is to be able to sit on the bus and not stand just because the seat inbetween two people is too small for me to fit in...and not to hate chairs with arms that are way too close together...:) Best of luck!! <3

  3. Thanks ya'll!!! No phone call yet D: Will be calling tomorrow to bug them :)