Friday, April 29, 2011

5 days to go!

Well, I am at 5 days left already! These past few days have flown by! I have been spending much of my time working overtime at work to try and make up for the few days I am going to miss next week. Chris and I also went to the grocery store last night and I got a multitude of items to chose from for after my surgery (as well as chewable kids vitamins and liquid calcium).

On top of that grocery trip (that lasted FOREVER) I have not had caffeine ALL WEEK (and it kind of sucks)! I decided I should do that now instead of after surgery so I don't have headaches on top of trying to heal. I really only had one bad headache on Tuesday morning but I think that was more because the night before I had some major stomach issues and had to throw up. It was way awful and I'm still not sure why I was pukey. A few people asked if it was nerves but it definitely was not. I think I just ate something that wasn't as good as it should have been. Either way, it totally hindered my sleep that night and I was WHOA tired and I think that gave me the headache. Overall, no caffeine hasn't been terrible but I do miss my Diet Coke. :( I have still been drinking pop, just Sprite and Root Beer. I will probably do just water the rest of the week until my surgery to get acclimated to that as well.

I found a little notebook I am going to use for my food and activity journal yesterday. It's small, but meh. Once I get released to do more than walk for exercise Chris and I are going to start working out together at Anytime Fitness. I'm kind of excited but worried about fitting it in to my day. I work OT until 6 almost everyday and by the time I work 9 hours I'm usually too tired to do much else. D: I will find a way to fit it in though...I have too! I have a "secret" goal of losing all or most of the weight I want to lose in the first year (which is about 100-135 pounds). This is mostly because I don't want to wait forever to have kids! I'm ready to get this ball rolling and get on with everything I have planned! This is pretty much my motivation for sticking with everything and not slacking off! I also have a great support system of family and friends that are NOT going to hound me whenever they think I'm eating something I shouldn't be (*hint, hint*).

Well, I'm super tired and I have a wedding party to help with tomorrow morning (YAY FOR ELIZABETH), so I'm going to bed!



  1. w00ts! Sorry you felt so sick :/ And why would we hound you?! If you're eating anything "you're not supposed to", you're going to get like 2 bites in and be stuffed anyway, right? Now, if I were to catch you just munching on a block of Velveeta, I might say something... and then check you into a mental ward, because that would be totally gross. But we love you! We're here for unconditional support :)

  2. Haha gross! Thankfully, I believe I have grown out of Velveeta. *shudder* And you're right! Unless I'm drinking ice cream then I should be okay, lol.