Thursday, March 3, 2011

patience is a virtue

Trying, trying, trying to be patient!

My request was sent in to my insurance last Wednesday. I talked to TriCare and they said I had to allow 7-10 business days for processing. I also finally got signed up to get onto the website (which is way more work than you would imagine because it is a military website) so now I can diligently check my request status EVERYDAY whenever I feel like it! I like it because now I don't have to nag them over the phone, but now I am constantly checking it whenever I am at a computer!

I checked today and my request is still 'processing'. I suppose that's better than if it were to be denied. Now, I just have to hope and pray that when I do get approved they approve me right away and do not require the 6 months of additional dieting (I'm hoping they will attribute my last go at Weight Watchers as that 6 months.)

Not much else has been going on with me. My life has been a little crazy this week but such is life I suppose.

Just wanted to give a little update...hopefully I'll have more (good) news tomorrow!!!


  1. Yey! An update!! I've been so curious.. Sucks that things are movin' like molasses in January. BUT, you should know that if for any reason they do require that extra 6 months of dieting, you might be able to talk to a patient advocate/tricare rep at the clinic and he/she might be able to help you further. I've heard amazing things happen via tricare from spouses who really plead their cases. No guarantees, but just a thought. Glad things are at least "pending". Good luck!!

  2. Alex! Things are bit more progressed now! I finally got a hold of someone there and she said my case was misfiled (shock, I know. and in the military no less!) and she would be looking it over on Friday! I'm desperately hoping she calls me by Monday or Tuesday. Yay!