Friday, February 11, 2011

No news isn't always good

Well, thanks to the lovely snow and ice storms we had last week I believe my request to insurance was postponed until this week. I talked to the very nice and prompt insurance lady told me she would be submitting my paperwork to my insurance sometime this week and I would get a confirmation letter in the mail once it was sent.

I'm still patiently awaiting my letter. I'm hoping to get it by tomorrow or Monday. If not, I will probably nicely bug her again...just to make sure. :)

In other news, I've been thinking about getting back into writing. I used to write fiction in high school between friends but fell out of it once I got into college and got busier with class and work. I feel I need an outlet and will definitely need something to keep me busy once I get the surgery. They say you should get a hobby or do something you like to keep you occupied to keep from eating snacks and eating from boredom. So, I've decided to try to take up writing.

I found some websites that are basically free beginners courses on creative writing and they look very helpful. When I get a free moment to read through them I will definitely be doing so...I may even try a few short stories first and post them on here for feedback. :) I have no idea what types of stories I want to write right now, but I'm hoping these online courses will help me decide my strong points.

Anyway, I have a VERY early morning tomorrow so I'm off. Augusta, Elizabeth, and I are going to the Indy Fairgrounds to volunteer at the dog show this weekend and I'm super excited! Roxie is going to be super jealous when I get home!