Friday, January 28, 2011

not gonna last

Alright! So I had my 2 doctor's appointments today.

First was my appointment with my new primary doc, Dr. Cropper. She is pretty cool and very receptive to what I have to say, which makes me feel good. She is also a DO instead of an MD, which I think I am starting to prefer. She talked to me about lap band and I told her how much I had already researched it and she seemed to agree with my decision and said she would type up my appointment note (with an OK from here in it on my decision to get lap band) and give it to me before we left! (Which was totally awesome if you have any idea how long it normally takes for a doctor to get a letter sent to someone else without you bugging them about it.) She also gave me a prescription for Nexium (YAY) and for some generic birth control. (yey...) I talked to her about my stupid wrist too and she suggested I get some resting wrist splints (which I knew I needed, I just don't really want to pay $15 for one...why so expensive?!).

So far, I really like Dr. Cropper. I have to go back next week (I KNOW - a million doctor's appointments much?) for a physical and a lady exam since I haven't been to the doctor in so long :/ Ah well. I won't be missing all day for this appointment - a couple hours in the morning - so that's good. I'm thinking I will be telling my boss about my intentions when I tell her about this appointment. She hasn't asked so far because she knows it's none of her business, but I'm gonna have to tell her eventually and I don't want her to think I'm dying or something with all of these appointments (or just skipping work).

Then, in the afternoon we drove to Carmel to see the psychologist at St. Vincent's. This appointment went pretty much how I expected. He asked about my family life and eating habits as a child, family histories, current eating habits, how stuff made me feel, my job and why it stressed me out so much, and a few other things. It took about an hour, but I'm wondering if it wasn't supposed to be that long and I just rambled a lot :/ I tend to do that, lol. OH WELL. If I did, he was very nice and patient and listened intently. He told me thought I was very well versed in what I wanted and why and thought I had made a good decision, even if he didn't like LapBand surgery as much as Rout en Y (because of the success rates). He also stressed exersizing and I reassured him I was UBER motivated and we just got Chris a membership to a gym and if he likes it I might join him as well. (It's WAY cheaper than I expected - $36 a month!) I am going to just try to do my Biggest Loser DVDs first and see if I can do it on my own. I really don't think that will be a problem since we have resistance bands and things least that are strong enough for little ol' me.

Everything seems to be going fairly smoothly so far. I'm trying to gather everything I need and get everything done before the insurance tells me I need something else. The last time I was on Weight Watchers was the beginning of last year and it was about 6 months long, so I'm HOPING that, along with my Thin and Healthy history will account for my '6 months of supervised weight loss' - if my insurance requires it. I talked to one of the insurance ladies in Dr. Diaz's office and she said she got the paperwork I dropped off to her (the doctor's note and a note from the support group leader, stating I was there) and that she would be reviewing my info and contacting my insurance next week!

I'm desperately trying to not get excited just in case everything goes wrong or I have a set back, but I feel so confident about my preparedness that it's really hard to not starting thinking ahead already. I would really like to get this surgery sooner rather than later!

Anyway...have a good weekend all!



  1. Lapband! I will have to research this. It sounds vaguely familiar. I hope your insurance pulls through! I'm rooting for you! Blog more often!! :]

    Love you!!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! How great that everything has gone so well so far!! :D Just remember, "hurry up and wait". Hang in there, though - it all comes through in the end. Call me if you need me! <3