Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby steps

This process is nothing but a large amount of baby steps.

Yesterday, I made 2 doctors appointments for Friday. I have an appointment with my new primary care doctor (Dr. Michelle Cropper. She is in my same practice but I have not met her yet) and one with St. Vincent's bariatric psychologist for my psychological evaluation. I have to get a letter me medical necessity from my primary doctor...I'm hoping she agrees with my decision and understands it. I would hope if my family agrees with my decision, my doctor (that I've never met, mind you) will agree as well.

As for the psych evaluation...I'm not really worried about that. Everyone's evaluation is different, but I'm pretty sure the gist of it is to make sure I'm not too crazy and to make sure I will follow a diet (which I have no problem with AND I'm even better at following written diet plans...yay for lists!).

Then, today the husband and I went to a lap band support group meeting. It was here in Muncie at the YMCA and there were a lot more people than I expected. I was only expecting there to be 2-4 people there for some reason, but there were 16! Who knew? There was an extremely wide range of people there in all stages of the lap band surgery process. There were 2 other people that still had not gotten their surgery, a couple that were less than 4 months out, and others that were at or around a year out. The guy that ran it was 4 years out and he has lost over 400 pounds! I recognized him because he had a picture at St. Vincent's of him skydiving and it was totally awesome. We mostly just talked at the meeting. People asked questions to see if other people had the same tendencies, they asked for food advice, we talked about insurance companies and of course at the beginning we all introduced ourselves and everyone said how much weight they had lost. Overall, the meeting wasn't anything I didn't already know (I've been researching and learning everything I can about this surgery for over 2 years) but it was nice to actually hear it from people in person instead of on the internet, and it's really nice to know there are people in Muncie I can talk to if I need to. You can read about the guy that leads our support groups here (http://jeffbutts.com/) Yes, his name is Jeff Butts and yes I totally laughed on the inside when he said it. He just put the website up so it's still a little rough.

I keep going through phases of really excited about this surgery, to really sad seeing all of these people losing all of this weight and wondering if I will be able to do as well as them and how long it will take. I know that ultimately it doesn't matter how long it takes (as long as its not like...10 pounds in a year) and I don't really have a desire to be a size 6 - I just want to be healthier sooner rather than later, ya know? And I'm really glad I did all of this research beforehand and I already have the general knowledge of eating healthy. I think the fact that I have this knowledge already will really help my progress after the surgery.

I know some people don't understand why I don't just do that stuff now - but what a lot of people who aren't in my situation (fat) don't understand is that I can diet all I want but I still have a huge probability to just gain it all back (especially if I get pregnant). I want this surgery to help me lose the weight and keep it off indefinitely AND when I do get pregnant it will definitely help me stay on track and not gain too much weight and help me get off any excess weight far better than I would ever be able to do on my own. The lap band will help me stay focused, on track, and motivated and that exactly what I need.

Until next time. <3


  1. YAY! Go Erin. I know you will do it and do it great. Good luck to you and I wish you the best. I will look forward to hearing more about your journey. Love you tons :)